the challenge of marriage in Asia

The challenge of marriage in Asia.Friends give the bride and groom a difficult problem, how to complete the task

The beautiful girls take part in the beauty pageant

The beautiful girls take part in the beauty pageant.

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Blog has not been updated for a long time.Time flies,  a  year has passed, and hope to have a new good luck in the new year

How to Fix the Error ‘Home Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/ on line 144’

How to Fix the Error 'Home Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/ on line 144'


Recently i found there is a error in my WordPress server logs.The error is "Home Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/ on line 144".

I think this is due to the bread navigation.Because the page was not classified cause an error when get the page 's classification.So we can modify the code to fix this problem . Read more

How to fix Oracle 10g can not be Installed in the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

How to fix Oracle 10g can not be Installed in the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Sometimes we will meet this problem.When we install the oralce 10g in windows 7,the installation can not enter the graphical interface .No matter how to run the installation file is unable to enter the graphical interface.Change the compatibility setting also does not work.Even re-install windows 7 32 bit.Such a simple question difficult to me.The oracle installation log message is as follows: Read more

Fix the PHP Error “Warning: Unknown: open” or “Warning: session_start(): open”

Today I adjust my php program, but there have been error “Warning: Unknown: open(d:/temp/tmp/sess_lco4pavd5fmkc60djl24islim6, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0” and “Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (d:/temp/tmp) in Unknown on line 0”

How to fix this error?

1.Check the directory "d:/temp/tmp" exists or not.Reset a really existed directory.Open php.ini or php5.ini ,set "session.save_path" a really existed directory.Remove the semicolon in front. Read more

Modify the MaxFieldLength and MaxRequestBytes to Completely Solve the Error “Request Too Long”

Modify the MaxFieldLength and MaxRequestBytes to Completely Solve the Error "Request Too Long"

When The iis 6 or iis 7 or iis 7.5 received  the request header more than 16k of  the length(default), it will lead to the error of "Bad Request - Request Too Long. The HTTP Error 400. The size of  The Request headers is Too Long."

According to  the IIS official BBS posts (HTTP 400 Error. The size of The request headers is too long),The lenth of 16 k request header was  limited by  the two parameters MaxFieldLength (request) and MaxRequestBytes (request head and body) in the registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\\HTTP Parameters).So,we must do something on the  two parameters . Read more

These funny Animals in Worlds

In Worlds, full of wonders, the behavior of many animals is very funny, the following animals is this:

Antelope and zebra

Antelope and zebra

Read more

A very good Encryption PHP Source Code

The very good encryption code.This algorithm is not reversible, please keep the source code.

< ?php
class Mcrypt
* Decryption
* @param string $encryptedText Encrypted String
* @param string $key Key
* @return string
public static function _decrypt($encryptedText,$key = null)
{ Read more

Some Reasons for BIOS Alarm

Sometimes our computer alarms when booting,it means some error occured.If we can understand the alarms we can know what is the wrong with the computer.There are some reasons for the bios alarm.


1 short beep:Memory refresh failed. Replace the memory.

2 short beeps:Memory ECC errors in testing. In the CMOS Setup Menu,set the memory on the ECC check option to Disabled.But the best way is to replace the memory.

4 short beeps:System clock error.

3 short beeps:System basic memory check failed. Replace the memory.

5 short beeps:CPU errors.

6 short beeps:Keyboard controller errors. Read more

the Solutions of can not connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10061)

Sometime we will meet the problem of  can not connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061),how to solve this problem?

The possible reasons for this problem.

1, MySQL service does not start, generally due to in exceptional circumstances MySQL can not start , for example, no available disk space, my.ini basedir path settings error in the MySQL, etc.

2, MySQL server resource constraints, leading to not connect.

The solutions: Read more

What is the Origin of Mother’s Day ?

Mother's Day is a  festival to thank mother.This festival first appeared in ancient Greece; modern Mother's Day originated in the United States,.It is the second Sunday in May each year.Mothers on this day usually receive gifts, carnations are as dedicated to the mother flowers.

Mother's Day tradition originated in ancient Greece.On January 8, the ancient Greeks pay tribute to the Greece Mother of the Gods Rhea( Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera and Hestia's mother, it is called the mother of the gods) .To ancient Rome, the scale of these activities become larger, to celebrate the grand often lasted for three days. Of course, the ancient worship of the goddess is just a superstition, it is very different from today maternal respect.

The mid-17th century, the Mother's Day reached the United Kingdom, the British on the fourth Sunday in Lent as Mother's Day. On this day, away from the young people will go home to their mothers to bring some small gifts. Read more

How To Fix Memory Error of Access Violation at Address Reading Location ?

Memory error of access violation at address on reading location is a common error in windows system.If you’re getting the Access Violation at Address Error it means that a program you’re trying to run is trying to access memory that is already used by a program that is already running. For example if you already have program A running and program A is accessing memory piece A if program B that you’ve just started is trying to access memory piece A you will get the Access Violation at Address Error.

Possibly, an access violation error message can be caused by one of the following solutions.

1.The error happens when one process did not lock the memory location before accessing correctly. Locking it helps to inform all other processes that they cannot use this location until it is unlocked for general use. Read more

The Best Free Burning software CDBurnerXP Multilanguage Version Download

CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. Everyone, even companies, can use it for free. It does not include adware or similar malicious components.You can download here :CDBurnerXP Read more

Temp Folder Permissions Problem Causes Site Failure in IIS PHP Environment

A few days ago my server became very slowly without reasons.When i open the PHP log file on c:\windows\temp ,
Suddenly ... stuck!

Decisively disable the Php error log.But does not solve the problem.Suddenly found a large number of files beginning with sess_ on the temp folder.The number has reached 100,000! Although only a total capacity of 300MB, but the space has reached 3G.It seems that the problem lies here!

Delete these files is required,but the process is very painful ... because the system stuck.At last use the del *.* /q /s to delete all the files. Read more

How to Reset the Administrator Password if You Lost or Forgot your Windows 7 Password ?

Yesterday  i changed my Windows 7 user password but today unfortunately i forgot my administrator password.So i want to recover my password.Maybe most people will meet this problem.Now i share some ways to recover or reset the administrator password.

1.Use the Administrator Blank password.

Many users do not use the administrator account,so now you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete ,it will jump out of the account window.You can type administrator in the user name,and press enter to login the Windows 7 system.It is the easiest way to recover the password.

2.Forget the password, but you have logged in the system. Read more

The Free Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition (Sp2 Sp3) Activation Keys

Free windows xp home edition activation key:

KRGKM-2QTBV-GKQC6-762J3-Q3GTP Read more

KMS VS MAK or What are the Differences Between Them ?

KMS VS MAK or What are the Differences Between Them ?KMS is set on the specified host system , the system will activate all MS Office 2010 client installation, without the need for every computer to connect to Microsoft for product activation.Usually the enterprises with a lot of computers (more than 25) adopts this way.

The KMS advantage is that once you have set up a KMS host, KMS client can automatically find the host in the DNS and according to it to  activate itself. Only need one KMS host to activate Windows and all Office client products. Entered only once a KMS host key and activate the KMS host can activate not only Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and can also activate Visio, Project and InfoPath. Read more

Why does Facebook Become Less Fun as Facebook Matures ?

Many users in teens and early 20s are asking themselves as they wade through endless posts, photos “liked” by people they hardly know and unprepared friend requests.  Has it all become a lot of a chore?

“When I first got Facebook I literally thought it was the coolest thing to have. If you had a Facebook you kind of fit in better, because other people had one,” says Rachel Fernandez, 18, who first signed on to the site four or five years ago.But now? “Facebook got kind of boring,” she said.

Chatter about Facebook’s demise never seems to die down, whether it is talk of “Facebook fatigue,” or grousing about how the social media network lost its cool once grandma joined. Read more

What is the Android Activity Lifecycle ?

What is the android activity lifecycle ? How an android create new activity?There are a lot articles about the android activity lifecycle, most of them are just talking about a legend process.And has not clarified the principle.Now we carefully analyze the android activity lifecycle.

The same as the other mobile phone platform applications, the Android application activity lifecycle is unified control, which means that the fate of the applications written is in the hands of the system, we can't change it, only learn and adapt to it.

It is easy to say :When our cellphone is running an application, maybe receive a phone call or a text message, or the cellphone is out of battery.Then the application will be interrupted to give priority to serve the basic functions of the principle, Read more

Google April Fool’s Day Joke in 2013 – Google Nose ,Treasure Map

The annual April Fool's Day, Google will be disclosed "heavy" message of a lot "new products". Although we just treat this news with a friendly smile, but Google is often able to justify it than any other technology company to be more clever.

Google Maps - Treasure Map

First, let's take a look at the new treasure map mode developed by Google based on Google Maps. Last year, the company 8-bit version map to show the outside world, and this year Google goes a step further: The company hopes users can get out of the house, to find the specific location of the treasure, and their slogan is "Be careful, do not encounter pirates". Read more

What is the MicroSoft Free Office Starter 2010 Edition and How to Download?

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Edition is a free version Office soft for all people.Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Editon gives home users who are buying preloaded PCs the ability to perform the most common and basic productivity tasks right out of the box. Office Starter consists of Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 only, reduced functionality versions of Microsoft Word and Excel with advertising. Microsoft Word Starter 2010 is a word processing program designed for everyday tasks such as writing letters, updating your résumé, and creating newsletters. Word Starter is part of Microsoft Office Starter 2010, and comes pre-loaded on your computer.Office Starter is available only as preloaded software on select new PCs with the option of upgrading to the full Office suites at any time.Or you can install kms activator office 2010.

Read more

Install RASS Sevice as NAT Router in Windows Server 2012

If the internal network computer to go out required a NAT router can help them to send out packets.Not only out to the Internet, if you want two different network segments connected in fact, we can rely on Windows RASS help.Windows Server 2012 RASS NAT Routing setting is simple, basically is the same as with the old Windows version. Read more

What is the World’s Fastest Internet Service? Google Fiber

What is the World’s Fastest Internet Service? Google Fiber. In March of 2010, Google announced its intention to build super-fast fiber-optic Internet service in “a small number of trial locations across the United States.” A year later, after receiving more than 1,000 applications from cities and towns across the country, Google chose Kansas City as its first location. Last November, Google began installing service in people’s homes. For $70 a month, the company offers Kansas City residents a 1-gigabit Internet line—the fastest home Internet service available anywhere in the world, about 150 times faster than the average American broadband speed of 6.7 Mbps.

For $120 a month, you get the 1-GB line plus cable-like TV service, as well as a Nexus 7 tablet that you can use as your remote. There’s also a “free” plan: After you pay a $300 construction fee—which you can split into 12 payments of $25—Google will provide your home with a 5-Mbps Internet line for “at least seven years,” and probably indefinitely. Read more

How to Install Oracle 11G in Linux

My linux version is centos5.5, kernel version is 2.6.18-194.el5.Install Oracle 11g in linux system preferably 1G memory, 2G of swap space,and at least 4.5G space on hard disk.Follow the steps to install the Oracle 11g .

1.Download Oracle.

Download the corresponding version of the Oracle on Oracle official website.I have downloaded Oracle for linux X86.

2.Create the Oracle user in Linux, and the management group .

Login Linux as root user,and execute the following command: Read more

What Are the Characteristics of MS SQL Server Hosting

MS SQL server is a computer application that offers advanced relational database management services to the enterprises. Few of the essential points that make it part of an advantageous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) proposition can be given as: 

Offers complete data solution from data mining to data analysis

MS SQL server produced by Microsoft has brought limitless possibilities to the enterprising solutions available for today's business. This enterprise level database management server from Microsoft has undergone many changes over the years to evolve in its present form. Normally a small or micro enterprise has to face challenges in the areas of execution, lack of lucidity in organizational and professional maneuver. Because of unanalyzed data or unevaluated records, a company finds it difficult to gauge the pace of work. Similarly it is also difficult to record the progress of a team working on a project and the status details of the supervisor or administrator monitoring the entire project. In today's world the volume of data is piling up in leaps and bounds and managing them efficiently is becoming quite a challenge for the companies. A company has to search through voluminous data while looking for certain information. This task which is also known as data-mining is a tedious and time-consuming task. MS SQL server helps in great deal in the data mining for records. SQL server caters to the needs of multi-users. It allocates available resources among the users without compromising on the hardware efficiency. Read more

Solution of Uncaught TypeError: Object #has no method in WordPress

Recently on the local computer to test wordpress ,jquery reported Uncaught TypeError: Object # has no method.The reason maybe jquery library conflict, but think of this theme is being used in the current site (website is no problem), in addition to load the jQuery library and some jQuery code, no additional jQuery code. So it should not be a problem here.

Then i think maybe the wordpress plugin caused the problem.After checking contrast, found that localthe the WP-PostViews plug even automatically load jquery library. Read more

Sony is Poised to Unveil the Next PlayStation 4 in New York City on Feb. 20.

Following yesterday’s Future of PlayStation tease from Sony, new rumors suggest that the PlayStation 4 will be announced this month, released this year and may even let players share videos and screenshots directly.Sony is poised to unveil the next PlayStation in New York City on Feb. 20.

The Japanese electronics giant invited journalists to an evening press event. The company has not said what it plans to show off, but signs indicate that it’ll be the PlayStation 4.

Such a console would follow Nintendo’s Wii U, which launched last fall, and proceed Microsoft Corp.’s next Xbox game console, which will likely be unveiled in June at the E3 video game conference in Los Angeles. Read more

2000 Years Old Tree in South Africa Known as Tree of Life

2000 Years Old Tree in South Africa Known as Tree of Life Read more

How to Change the Default Google Chrome User Data in Localappdata

Now many users use the Google Chrome browser.But the Google Chrome browser exists a big problem, it cached page data and other information in a directory called User Data in Localappdata .In Windows XP,the user is administrator,the fold path is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\,in Windows 7,the fold path is C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\.

This directory can not be set.Only set on the C disk, this is more inconvenient, is also taking up a lot of disk space of C disk .My user data catalog has taken 1GB space .How to change the default localappdata in Google Chrome user data ? There are three ways: Read more