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Wireless Encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2 Which Anti-Rub Network Better and More Secure?

Wireless encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2 which anti-rub network better and more secure?
Two common encryption WEP, WPA

Currently, the wireless network already exists in several encryption technology, the most commonly used is WEP and WPA encryption. The first wireless LAN security protocol -802.11 Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), has been doubtful of most people. While WEP can prevent snoopers into the wireless network, but there was reason to doubt its safety, because WEP is very easy to crack, like a plastic lock on the door.

WEP security encryption. WEP feature uses the algorithm rc4 prng developed by rsa data Read more

Why the Web Security Is so Frail ?

Why the Web Security Is so Frail ?

Recently U.S. security think tank Strategic Forecasting Inc said its website had been hacked and some names of corporate subscribers had been made public.

Stratfor said the breach came from an unauthorized party, while activist hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility.
And as a result of this incident the operation of Stratfor's servers and email have been suspended.

Hackers claiming to be the group Anonymous said they had obtained around 4,000 credit card details, Read more

the Difference between Sleep and Wait in Java Multithread

the Difference between Sleep and Wait in Java Multithread

Sleep is used for thread control, and Wait is used for the communication between threads, and the methods to cooperate Wait are also notify and notifyAll.

Difference one: Read more

Six Skills of Browsing Webs safely

Six Skills of Browsing Webs safely
I believe the Internet security affects every Internet user, how can we ensure our own security from external attack, and then, here are eight skills to share for everyone, I hope you can add and discuss.

1.Ensure the Internet environment is safe

Access Internet in our own homes. Because we can not confirm the other computer is safe,but we can ensure our family's computer security. Read more

Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Through the error code of blue screen,we can judge the problem of the computer.But it disappeared soon, most people can not remember the error code.
In fact, windows system error every time, there will be a corresponding log is recorded, just find the log to analyze,we can find the reason of blue screen easily. Read more

Six Benefits of Installing Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System

Six Benefits of Installing Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System

First, it is beneficial for both systems to compare real-time performance.

Second, it is beneficial to ensure the operating system safe and stable (install different Anti-virus softwares in the two different systems ). Read more

the Computer Skill of Solving Cannot Delete File and Folder in Window 7

the Computer Skill to Solve Cannot Delete File and Folder in Window 7

Many friends have encountered the problem.If in Windows 7 a process is calling the file, then the file will not be deleted.Such the problems are common.For example,before you use Word to open the "d:\a.doc" file, now delete the file, but found it impossible to remove.Pop up a dialog box that prompts the operation can not be completed,you cannot delete the file.We can solve this as follows. Read more

Using Google Search Query Your IP Address Easily

What is my IP address? Google recently adds a new skill: to tell you what the IP address you own is. It is also very simple to use. Read more

Top Ten Most Popular Google’s Applications in 2011

Top Ten Most Popular Google's Applications in 2011

Google's innovative spirit is well-known, then, in the about to pass 2011,which Google's applications has won the majority of users love it. The following content will offer you the top ten applications most popular among users.In 2011 Google spent a lot of effort to tease and please the readers, such as Easter eggs, fake video and Web pages, of course, the famous interactive graffiti.  Read more

Solve a Strange Problem of HTTP Error 404.17 – Not Found

Solve a Strange Problem of HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found

Today,i install the PHP on a x64 Windows 7,when i debug the program inthe localhost it is wrong with

HTTP Error 404.17 - Not Found
The requested content appears to be script and will not be served by the static file handler.
Detailed Error Information:
Module StaticFileModule
Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
Handler StaticFile
Error Code 0x80070032

Read more

North Koreans rally around Kim Jong Il’s heir

PYONGYANG—North Korea on Monday urged its 24 million people to rally behind 20-something heir-apparent Kim Jong Un as the nation mourned the death of supreme leader Kim Jong Il.

South Korea, meanwhile, put its military on high alert, while people in the streets of Pyongyang broke into tears as they learned the news that Kim had died at the age 69 of heart failure. The United States said it was in close contact with allies South Korea and Japan. Read more

Solve the Problem of HTTP Error 403 Forbidden

HTTP Error 403 Forbidden
When you visit a Web site if you receive a following error message 403 :
Server Error in Application "<application name>"
HTTP Error 403.1 - Forbidden
HRESULT: 0x80070005
Description of HRESULT: You have attempted to run a CGI, ISAPI or other executable program from a directory that does not allow executables to run.

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Windows XP Windows 7 Dual Operating System Simple Installation Procedures and Attentions

Many user install dual operating system on their computer,even after Windows 7 appeared.Most of them will install Windows 7 Windows XP dual system right now.But how to install dual system?Now let  us to see the procedures below: Read more

Solution of the Boot Files and the Boot Option Menu are Lost after Windows XP Windows 7 Dual System Reinstalled

The solution of the boot files and the boot option Menu are lost after Windows XP Windows 7 dual operating systems reinstalled:

1.Install Windows XP in Windows 7 to make up of a dual system.
2.Windows XP Windows 7 dual system, reinstall Windows XP.

Read more

Reduce image size without losing quality

How to reduce image size without losing quality ?We can use Image Optimizer to achieve it.

Image Optimizer is designed to allow you to create the smallest possible JPEG, GIF and PNG image files. Savings of up to 50% or more in file size are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times, save on disk space and reduce bandwidth Read more

Causes and Solutions of “NTLDR is missing” Error when Installing Windows XP System by USB flash disk

There are many people to install the original Windows XP system in the use of USB flash disk,but reboot the system after installation, sometimes prompted the error message NTLDR is missing press any key to restart.Then it has stoped there, can not enter the system.What is wrong with it ?The cause is system root file is missing or damaged. Obviously the system has been installed, but can not enter,actually is that the crucial step in the installation was wrong. Here let's to see the right way to install Windows XP by USB flash disk.
Read more

Using Instant Elevator Music Realize to Play Music Automatically when Copying Files

In the batch-bulk coping files, auto-play music, is it so cool?And how to achieve that?Download the Instant Elevator Music, link:, it can help you to achieve the above function.

In the system tray , Click the right mouse button on Instant Elevator Music icon in the system tray, then select "Settings" in the pop-up menu, at the pop-up "Settings" panel you can see the software's main functions, there is no need to modify any options.

Read more

The Simple Skill to Crack PHP Base64_decode

The Simple Skill to Crack PHP Base64_decode

Today,most of us use PHP to design the site in web design. Using PHP base64_decode + gzinflate PHP to compress and encode code in internet is more and more currently,the topic of encryption and decryption is never stopped. Here is a simple skill to crack the code encrypted by base64_decode + gzinflate. Many programmers now in order to protect their own copyright are more and Read more

Two Methods of Installing Windows XP over Windows 7

Many computers are installed two operating systems ,but how to install Windows XP over windows 7 ? There are two methods.

First method: brand new install with the XP installation CD.

First, you need to prepare a primary partition to install XP system. Recommended in Windows 7 system, use the Disk Manager to create a capacity of not less than 10GB primary partition.Restart the computer  by Windows XP installation CD and then install, the installation method is similar to install XP system. Read more

Seven Ways to Improve Efficiency of Windows XP System Memory Use and Optimize Memory Management

How to optimize memory management in Windows XP, improve the efficient use of memory, increase running speed as much as possible, is our concern. Here are several computer skills in the Windows operating system, to improve memory use efficiency and optimize memory management.

1.Change the page file location Read more

The computer skills to speed Excel2007 cell newline operating

The computer skills to speed Excel2007 cell newline operating
In Excel Cell default inputting data are only one line, let inputting data in the cell newline has two ways.

First,when inputting data in the cell, just press "Alt + Enter" combination key  can be directly newline at the cursor in the cell.

Second, select the cell which need newline, in the "Start" tab, click the "alignment" area right corner of the "automatic newline" icon, this cell in the future when the text exceeds the width of the cell it will automatic newline. Automatic newline  only effective the content Read more

Why the IE browser can not open the website at the beginning with “https”?

Why the IE browser can not open the website at the beginning with "https"?
Recently here is some problems with IE browser, any URL at the beginning of "https" can not be opened! Even Gmail is impossible, what the protocol is damaged ? Read more

40 Useful Javascript Tips

The following 40 javascript tips are commonly for web design.Them will be useful for the web designer.

1. Oncontextmenu = "window.event.returnValue = false" will completely shield the mouse right button
<table border oncontextmenu=return(false)><td>no</table> can be used for Table

2. <body Onselectstart="return false"> deselect to prevent copying

3. Onpaste = "return false" forbid to paste

4. Oncopy = "return false;" oncut = "return false;" to prevent copying

5. <link Rel="Shortcut Icon" href="favicon.ico"> IE address bar replace your icon before

6. <link Rel="Bookmark" href="favicon.ico"> can show your favorites icon

7. <input Style="ime-mode:disabled"> off input

8 will always be with a framework
<script language="JavaScript"> <! -
if (window == top) top.location.href = "frames.htm"; //frames.htm page as a framework
//--></Script> Read more

How to Tweak The Windows 7 Performance

We can tweak the windows 7 manual to accord ourself  custom.There are sevral samples .

Change the Power Plan To Maximum Performance

The Power settings in Windows 7 is not automatically set for maximum performance. By default the power plan in Windows 7 is set for a balanced performance with energy consumption on hardware. So you may not get the optimal performance from windows 7 if this is the case. So we need to change the power plan to High Performance Mode.

 1.Double click the Power Options in the Control panel.
 2.Click the down arrow showing Show Additional Plans to see the High Performance power plan.
 3.Now just activate the High Performance plan and that's it.
 4.Go for the advanced power settings.
 5.Go to Hard disk, then to Turn off hard disk after and set it to Never. This enables the GC to do its job while logged off. Read more

Five Little Internet Skills

When we browse the  web sites first time ,we have no experience at internet skills,there are five little internet skills for the novice.

The first one: sometimes when browsing the web, one site has not be read, but we want to open a new link, you can right click and select "Open link in a new window", or hold down [Shift] and click the mouse left-click, that you can open the page in a new window.
The second one: most web pages are "www.***.com" form, when you open a web page so you can type "***" in the address bar , then click [Ctrl] + [Enter] this can  launch this site fast.
The third one: some sites every time we have to browse on the internet, first enter the site, then click the menu [Tools] → [Internet Options] choose to use the current page, and then confirm, so whenever you open IE, the page you selected  will automatically open. Read more

How to solve NTLDR is missing ?

Sometimes we start computer we will found that "NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart" .But how to solve this problem, here is a computer skill solve it without any other tools.
First let's know what is NTLDR.NTLDR is a hide readonly system file.Locate in the system root directory.NTLDR is the booting file in WIN NT system.If this file is not found or broken,system will display "NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart" and can not access the system.

How to solve NTLDR file is missing? Read more

Funny Pictures for Relaxing

There is some funny pictures for relaxing to have a laugh.Maybe you will like.

funny pictruesfunny pictures


Read more

Free Best Media Player : Haihaisoft Universal Player

                                                             Here we introduce a free best media player that name is Haihaisoft Universal Player.Haihaisoft Universal Player 1.5.7 series, to further enhance the player stability, added support for MP3 DRM encryption protection, support FLV streaming media, the new variety of beautiful skin.

Haihaisoft Universal Player has a very powerful feature, it can be said is a super player. Now supports a total of 400 kinds of multimedia formats, and also support for playing encrypted by DRM-X video content. From the successful launch of a breakthrough has been downloaded more than 500 million copies.It's a best media player.Haihaisoft Universal Player is the integration of all the players, you no longer have to install other players take up system resources. Read more

How to Shutdown a Computer Remotely?

How to shutdown a computer remotely?We have the computer skills to use the shutdown command, we can not only log off users, shut down or restart your computer, you can also achieve time shutdown, remote shutdown.

The command syntax is as follows:

shutdown [-i |-l |-s |-r |-a] [-f] [-m [\ \ ComputerName]] [-t xx] [-c "message"] [-d [p]: xx : yy]

Among them, the meaning of each parameter are:

-I Display GUI dialog box.This must be the first option.
-L Log off current user
-M ComputerName priority.
-S Shutdown the computer.
-R Shutdown and restart computer.
-G Shutdown and restart computer.After system restart,restart all registed applications (just Win7)
-A Stop off. In addition to-l and ComputerName, the system will ignore the other parameters. In the overtime period, you can only use-a.
-F Forces running applications to close.
-H dormancy the computer (just Win7)
-M [\\ComputerName] Specifies the computer to shut down.
-T xx will be used to shut down the system timer is set to xx seconds.The default value is 20 seconds.
-C "message" specified in the "system shutdown" window "message" field shows the message. Can use up to 127 characters. The message must be included in quotes.
-D [p]: xx: yy Lists the code cause the system shut down.

First, we look at some of the basic usage of the command: Read more

Windows 7 Installation Fails Factor Analysis

I believe that many users experienced  Windows 7 installation fails, for windows 7 there is  a lot of reasons why the installation can not continue. In the author's experience, mainly due to nothing more than the hardware components are not compatible or the system's hardware configuration can not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 7, so troubleshooting should focus on this aspect into account and avoid detours. Here I list some of the most typical case to analyse why windows 7 installation fails.

Windows 7 installation problem 1:Installer refused to install or start

If the hardware components are not compatible with Windows 7, it may cause the installation to fail, or can not start the installation process. Therefore, prior to installation to ensure that Windows 7 can detect all of the system hardware and the hardware included in Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Suggest that before you install Windows 7, the necessary compatibility checks, if already installed, check the compatibility has been late. Read more