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Remember the Five Points, Increase Your Hard Disk Life

computer skill:Remember the five points, Increase your hard disk life.

1. Do not suddenly turn off the power when your hard disk working.

When the hard disk working, generally in high-speed rotation, if we suddenly turn off the power, may lead to a violent head and the disc friction and damage to the hard disk, so to avoid the sudden shutdown. Shutdown must pay attention to the hard disk light is still flashing on the panel, only in its light stops blinking, turn off the computer's power switch before the end of the hard disk read and write.

2.To prevent dust from entering. Read more

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

The relative success and cult-like popularity of Asus’ Eee cloud computer has helped raise the level of interest in what’s being called a new class of computers. Some call the new machines ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), others have labeled them Netbooks, and many are safely referring to them as handhelds. It’s hardly a surprise that the PC powerhouses — Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and dozens of others — have gone running after this opportunity.

After using one of the so-called Netbooks, it has become obvious that they really need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how people are going to use these devices if they want to participate in the next big shift of computing. Read more

The Internet is Another Universe

The Internet is another universe.

The Internet is designed for the scientific sharing, the network structure can prevent the point or multi-point destruction still work properly.

However, the Internet has gradually get rid of the control computer and communications experts have their own independent development, become another universe, another dimension.

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the Computer Skill to Prevent Google Search Results Display Google + Content

In Google search results,there are  a large number of Google + Content.If you are not a Google + heavy users, and even social aversion, then you certainly can not stand the Google search.

In fact, we have a way to let these Google + content to be displayed, such as the use of the outside of other local Google search, such as the use of non-English interface of, for example, do not log in to your Google account to search, for example, open the browser anonymous window to search. But if you have been accustomed to English interface on search for their own account, so there are ways. Read more

Top 7 Epic Tech Fails of 2011

Top 7 Epic Tech Fails of 2011

We all like a good success story, and we've had a lot of those this year. But we would be remiss not to mention some of tech's biggest flops. We don't want to indulge in too much Schadenfreude, but you've got to admit that the Qwikster saga was pretty funny.

There were some plain old duds this year, as well as some gross miscalculations. There were even a few serious transgressions. What follows is our list of the seven most spectacular tech failures of 2011.

7. Qwikster , Netflix

What was Netflix smoking when it tried to spin off its DVD business with the name Qwikster? We see a lot of dumb product names around here, but Qwikster definitely takes the cake this year.

It was terribly timed, too. Netflix had just separated its streaming and DVD pricing plans, raising rates for customers who had both, which drove a million customers away. The Qwikster saga added insult to injury. Read more

Why is My Computer so Slow ? The Cause Of the Computer running slow and Solution

Why is my computer so slow?The Cause Of the Computer  running slow and Solution

1.Too many boot items.
A lot of software, such as the PDF reader, player, input method, download the tools and software, obviously should only be when the user needs to open, quietly added to the startup items and system services, and did not tell the user. More installed software, the boot is more serious impact on boot speed, causing the slow boot. How should we do?
The solution:
Use Optimization software to optimize  boot items. Unnecessary boot startup items off, you can also manually optimization: Start - Run, type msconfig, start point, in addition to anti-virus software and input method ctfmon starts, remove the need to start soon, the system a lot.
2.There are too much junk files.
Look at the page every day, run the software, or uninstall the software will have the junk files, browsing the web will produce a lot of cache files, download software, and also some residual configuration files, registry files. Over time, there will be more. Too many junk files your computer is running slow, sometimes several GB.
The solution: use computer optimization software, a key clean-up junk files, all the options on the hook. To a thorough cleanup. If several months have not cleaned up, you will find junk files, scary, a few GB.
3.Too many computer desktop shortcut icon.
Computer desktop shortcut icon is too much too much cause slow boot on the one hand, computer desktop shortcut icon, boot should be loaded out of the computer during the boot process to be completed. Your desktop, there are dozens of icons, hundreds of words can also be optimized under.
The solution: Do not save a lot of files on your computer desktop, put on the desktop is not safe, put the other disk go to save, not shortcut keys can be removed.
4.C disk is full, no space.
C drive is full, no space to some extent, also contributed to the slow boot speed.
Many people like to watch TV, watch online software, these software are watching while downloading, the download file is saved in C drive, then the C disk space will be getting smaller and smaller, finally leaving dozens of MB, a few hundred MB. C drive of the reserved storage space is gone. Many programs running and loading, all require a certain amount of temporary space.
Many of the C drive partition space is already small, a lot of software installed. Download preservation district in the C drive, coupled with the accumulation of junk files, the C disk space is getting smaller and smaller.
The solution: to drive C thin. Uninstall unnecessary software, clean up junk files, download files stored on the C drive to the deletion of deleted, the removal of the removal.

5.The aging computer hardware.
Many computer age, the aging computer hardware. It can only be upgrading.
6.The computer infected with the computer virus.
This situation is generally less. Few computer viruses boot start. Load virus driver files. Run the program execution. Kill the virus frequently.


the Solution of MMC can not Open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC

the Solution of MMC can not open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC

MMC can not open the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\BINN\SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC.

This may be because the file does not exist, is not an MMC console, or a later version of MMC to create. May also be because you do not have sufficient permissions to access this file.

To see on your hard drive the file, if it gets to another partition, see if you can open: Read more

Error Solution of MYSQL Based the Error 1130: Host is not Allowed to Connect to This MySQL Server

error solution of MYSQL Based the ERROR 1130: Host is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

MySQL ERROR 1130: Host 'XXXXXX' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server.

The two solutions of this problem:

Method One:

Execute the command:
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CPU Troubleshooting

CPU Troubleshooting

1.The noise of the chassis.

Fault phenomenon: to upgrade the CPU, the computer every time you turn noise particularly large. But after a while, the voice returned to normal.
Fault Analysis and Processing: First check whether the CPU fan fix bad chassis work and structure of some low-quality, easily in the boot of work caused by resonance, increased noise, in addition to the CPU fan and chassis fan motor add a little oil to try. If it is, it is best to replace the chassis because the chassis of the box single book.

2.The temperature rising too quickly.

Fault phenomenon: a computer running when the CPU temperature rose quickly, boot and only a few minutes the temperature rose from 88 ° F to 124 ° F and when 128 ° F to stabilize, no longer rising. Read more

Common Classification of Computer Viruses

Common classification of computer viruses:

1.Of the parasitic way into the boot-type computer virus file virus and compound-type virus
The boot virus is parasitic in the disk boot sector or master boot sector computer virus. The virus system boot, the Lord does not guide the contents of the area to the correctness of the shortcomings of discrimination in the process that led system into the system memory-resident monitoring system is running standby transmission and destruction. Can be subdivided in accordance with the location of boot virus parasitic on the hard disk master boot record viruses and partition boot record virus. The master boot record virus infected hard disk master boot sector, such as cannabis virus 2708 virus, torch virus, etc.; active partition boot record, partition boot record virus infected hard disk, such as small ball viruses, Girl, virus.

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What Was The ENIAC?

What Was The ENIAC?

ENIAC was the world's first computer.The ENIAC contained 17,468 vacuum tubes, along with  10,000 capacitors, 70,000 resistors,1,500 relays, 6,000 manual switches and 5 million soldered joints. It covered 1800 square feet (167 square meters) of floor space, weighed 30 tons, consumed 160 kilowatts of electrical power. There was even a rumor that when turned on the ENIAC caused the city of Philadelphia to experience brownouts, however, this was first reported incorrectly by the Philadelphia Bulletin in 1946 and since then has become an urban myth.


University of Pennsylvania has established a special brands to the ENIAC

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Several Ways to Generate a Random Password Using PHP

Several Ways to Generate a Random Password Using PHP 

Using PHP to develop applications, especially web application is often necessary to generate a random password to generate a random password, such as user registration, user reset the password to generate a random password. Random password is a string of fixed-length string, I collected several methods to generate a random string for your reference.

Way 1:

1. In 33 - 126 to generate a random integer, such as 35.

2. 35 will be converted into the corresponding ASCII characters, such as 35 corresponding to #. Read more

Super computers have Simulate the Effect of the Trillion-Ton Nuclear Bomb to Destroy Collision-Earth Asteroids

Super computers have simulate the effect of the trillion-ton nuclear bomb to destroy collision-Earth asteroids

The U.S. government's Los Alamos National Laboratory, scientists conducted a computer simulation.  In the simulation, they launch a 1 trillion-ton bomb, bombardment of a flying giant asteroid of the Earth, with a powerful explosive power to destroy the asteroid, and thus save the planet.

Los Alamos National Laboratory is located in New Mexico, part of the U.S. Department of Energy. In this laboratory, the scientists used a super computer simulation of a nuclear bomb bombardment of asteroids, in order to understand the effectiveness of this approach. The simulated asteroid is 1650 feet long (about 500 meters), to use nuclear bombs to reach a trillion-ton is about 50 times that of the United States during World War II atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan. Read more

The Complete Error Codes in ADSL Connection Service Part 2

The complete error codes in ADSL connection service part 2

ADSL Error Code - Description

700 The expanded command in the device .INF file is too long.
701 The device moved to a BPS rate not supported by the COM driver.
702 Device response received when none expected.
707 X.25 diagnostic indication.
708 The account has expired.
709 Error changing password on domain.
710 Serial overrun errors were detected while communicating with your modem.
711 RasMan initialization failure. Check the event log.
712 Biplex port is initializing. Wait a few seconds and redial.
713 No active ISDN lines are available.
714 Not enough ISDN channels are available to make the call.
715 Too many errors occurred because of poor phone line quality.
716 The Remote Access IP configuration is unusable. Read more

The Complete Error Codes in ADSL Connection Service Part 1

The complete error codes in ADSL connection service part 1

ADSL Error Code    -     Description

600 An operation is pending.
601 The port handle is invalid.
602 The port is already open.
603 Caller‘s buffer is too small.
604 Wrong information specified.
605 Cannot set port information.
606 The port is not connected.
607 The event is invalid.
608 The device does not exist.
609 The device type does not exist.
610 The buffer is invalid.
611 The route is not available.
612 The route is not allocated.
613 Invalid compression specified.
614 Out of buffers.
615 The port was not found.
616 An asynchronous request is pending.
617 The port or device is already disconnecting.
618 The port is not open.
619 The port is disconnected.
620 There are no endpoints. Read more

Problem of Installing Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

Problem of Installing Microsoft Lifecam Cinema

When you are installing the Microsoft LifeCam softwares, and then you plug in the LifeCam Cinema hardware, the LifeCam Cinema hardware will be not detected. Additionally, in the Device Manager, the properties for the LifeCam entry display one of the following codes or different codes:

1,10, 19, 28,39

Now let 's solve the problem with the following ways:

1.Update the LifeCam drivers Cinema

  1. Open the Device Manager.Click Start ,and  type devmgmt.msc in the Start Search box, press ENTER.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.(In Windows XP, you can just run devmgmt.msc)
  2. Expand the following entries:Sound, video , and game controllers,Imaging Devices.Look for the black exclamation point (!) on a yellow field next to a device. The exclamation point indicates that the device has a problem. Right-click the device, and then click the option that corresponds to your version of Windows:

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

How To Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

So here is the solution how to manage your startup programs and make your windows 7 boot faster. Click Begin and input "msconfig" within the Run box. Then press OK button. You will see all the services and applications which will be started automatically when your computer boots. Disable those unnecessarily items and re-boot your computer. You will see the improvement of your windows 7 boot up speed. Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (4)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (4)

46. What is your previous one reason for leaving?

Answered Tip:
1. The most important thing is: the candidates make to find recruiters believe that candidates in the previous units "Reason for leaving" does not exist in this hiring.
2. To avoid too detailed, too specific reasons for departure.
3. Do not doped subjective negative feelings, such as "too hard" and "complex interpersonal relations", "Management is too confusing," the company does not focus on talent, "the company exclusion of certain of our employees".
4. But can not dodge, evade, such as "want a change of environment", "personal reasons".
5. Can not involve their own negative personality traits, such as dishonesty, laziness, lack of sense of responsibility not easygoing.
6. As far as possible the reasons explained in the personal image of the candidate luster.
7. Examples: "I am leaving because of the collapse of this company; I worked for three years in the company, there are deeper feelings; from the beginning of last year, the mutations due to market conditions, the company's situation worsened; to now this step, I think Unfortunately, but also face re looking to play my ability to stage the same interview questions is not only an answer with an answer is not in any interview occasions are valid, the key candidates to master the law , to grasp the specific circumstances of the interview, and consciously try to figure out the psychological background of the interviewer to ask questions, and then match up. Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (3)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (3)

31. And you appreciate what kind of character?

Answered Tip: honest, flexible and easy to get along with people, "real action".

32. How do you normally handle criticism?

Answered Tip:
1.The silence is golden, do not say anything, otherwise the situation is worse, but I will accept constructive criticism. 2. I will wait for everyone to calm down and discuss it.

33. How you handle your failure?

The prompt answer: all of us was born perfect, I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistake. Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (2)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (2)

16. Whether to participate in a training course? Talk about the contents of training courses. Company-sponsored or at their own expense to participate in?

The prompt answer: at their own expense to participate in training courses of Jade Bird (you can talk more about their own learning techniques).

17. Do you know about our company?

Answered Tip: go to the company before the interview, check the Internet at the company's main business. If the answer: Your company intends to change its strategy to strengthen cooperation with foreign manufacturers, OEM and part of its own brand through overseas distributors.

18. Please state the motivation you choose this job?

Answered Tip: want to know the enthusiasm and understanding of the interview on this work, and filter on a whim from the examination of the person, if inexperienced, stressed that "even rank different, and also hope to have the opportunity to play before experience ".

19. What you do best direction? Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (1)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (1)

1. Would you please introduce yourself about your own?

Prompt answer: Most people answer this question too ordinary, just say the name, age, hobbies, work experience, these have on the resume. In fact, most want to know the job seeker's ability to perform the work, including: the strongest skills, the most in-depth knowledge of areas of research, the most active part of the personality, the most successful things done, the main achievement of these all OK and learning, and learning, but to highlight the positive personality and ability to do things right to reasonable business will not believe it. Enterprises attach great importance to the courtesy of a person's job seekers have to respect the examiner, said in answer each question a "thank you" and companies like polite job-seekers.

2. Do you think the biggest advantage is your personality?

Answered Tip: calm, well-organized, stand firm, tenacious up, helpful and caring, adaptability and sense of humor, optimism and friendliness.  Jade Bird after one to two years of training and project combat, plus internship, make me fit for the job. Read more

The Whole Story of the Chinese Scholars Protest Against the World Bank

The Whole Story of the Chinese Scholars Protest Against the World Bank

Before the start of the conference, the independent scholar named Du Jianguo clearly expressed their opposition of this report, he said the plan will only undermine the Chinese companies, Western competitors.
Du Jianguo distribution of a paper, "World Bank in the field, bring your poison and go back to the United States. He shouted at the scene, the United States is to use the privatization of poison to destroy China's economy, China must not repeat the old path of the United States. "

the Chinese Scholars Protest Against the World Bank

the Chinese Scholars Protest Against the World Bank

Were forcibly sent out the venue before, Du Jianguo said that China must not repeat the old path of the United States, must not engage in the privatization of banks, Wall Street bankers are liars and parasites, they harm the United States, and now want to harm China. Read more