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Windows 7 Installation Failure Causes and Solutions

Windows 7 installation failure causes and solutions:

1. the hard disk is insufficient reserve space

Although Win7 known affinity of great demand for hardware platforms, but as the latest operating system for hardware performance still has certain requirements, disk space. According to the the Win7 install Microsoft's official announcement of the minimum hardware resources, not less than 25GB of system disk space. If you have enough disk space when installed, Win7 will clear an error type, and automatically exit the installation.

Install Win7 C drive best guarantee 50G.

Win7 install error user for system disk space is not enough, you can consider using software such as PQ10.0, ADDS extend C drive space more appropriate Xiaobian recommended more than 50G of space reserved for the system disk to install Win7. Of course, if you still use less than 80G hard drive, then buy a piece of the new high-capacity hard disk is the best solution. Read more

the Categories of the Mobile Phone Virus

The mobile phone virus in the form can be divided into four categories:

1."wireless transmission" Bluetooth devices spread of viruses such as "Cabir", "Lasco.A".

Small knowledge: Cabir is a network worm that can infect run "Symbian" operating system phone. Use the Bluetooth wireless feature would be close to other vulnerable mobile phone with the virus after scanning, the discovery of vulnerabilities phone, the virus will replicate itself and sent to the phone. Lasco.A viruses and worms, to other phones via Bluetooth wireless transmission, when the user clicks on the virus file, the virus was immediately activated.

2.Mobile phone viruses for mobile communications providers, such as "Mosquito Trojan". Read more