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Apple: How to Be the Patent Cavalry

Apple:  How to Be the Patent CavalryI do not know when, designed to protect the interests of the innovator's patent became barbs between the technology giants weights. Stanford University report shows the past two years of global corporate amount spent on patent litigation and patent acquisition totaled $ 20 billion, equivalent to 8 Mars probe project expenses.

  $ 100 000 000 lesson

The patent war on the battlefield Apple as a cavalry charge at the frontline. Nearly two years, Apple in the mobile space frequently waving patented big stick turns defaming competitors Android camp.The greatest impact is none other than the recent patent case with Samsung, which is ultimately to Apple Payout approximately $ 1.049 billion in compensation. According to the statistics Business Insider in March this year, the number of Apple patents up to 4600 items.
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How to Set the Server with Windows 2000 as a Ntp Server

NTP (Network Time Protocol) is used to synchronize your system's time with an online server.
NTP can also be used to serve time for a network.

All Microsoft Windows versions since Windows 2000 include the Windows Time Service, which has the ability to sync the computer clock to an NTP server. However, the version in Windows 2000 only implements Simple NTP, and violates several aspects of the NTP version 3 standard.

First we study how to set the Windows 2000 time service as a NTP time-server. It shows how to modify registry entries to set the Microsoft Windows Time Service. The Windows Time service allows the network to provide synchronisation of all machines within one domain.

Configure Windows 2000 Time Service

Windows 2000 has an integrated time synchronisation service, installed by default, which can synchronise to a NTP Server. So, by manipulating registry settings, the service can do as both an SNTP client and SNTP server to synchronise other network clients.

Before modifying registry entries it is good to backup the registry settings. The registry can then be restored in the event of problems being encountered. Read more

Take a Look at How Many Garbage Files Waste Your Computer Memory

See how many garbage files waste of memory in your computer

Many friends said exaggerated, can only reduce the dozens of M, in fact, it is because your system was relatively clean, if you use some time to install some software, upgrade, and long browsing pictures, some time after you clean up and then try it can reach more than 1G, no exaggeration, just for different people.

Do not want to make it as a Bat file to upload, let everyone write their own, will feel more secure, assured that security think we can protect.

Teach you to write your own program.

This program is to clean up the garbage in the computer automatically without breaking the system and better than many software.
Open [Start] - [All Programs] - [Accessories] - [Notepad]
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