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Share Some Hackers’ Google Search Skills

Share Some Hackers' Google Search Skills

Everyone knows that no doubt Google is  the most powerful search engine in the world today. But it is also a secret weapon in the hands of hackers.It can search some information unexpected by you. Computerites blog make a simple conclusion does not hope to use it  to attack someone else's website. I hope everyone to use these computer skills to find useful information for you in the vast network information.

If you are a webmaster, you quickly look at if your site is well done at precautionary measures below hacker detection . If not quickly come to a remedy the situation.If you are a hacker, I believe you seen a similar method as early as in the other hacker sites.You can save valuable time to do more meaningful things.You could not read this article, go somewhere else.But if you are an ordinary Internet user, you can use hacker techniques to expand your horizons and improve your retrieval efficiency.

Now let us study the skills: Read more

The Huge Front Cover of Pornographic Magazines on Google Maps

The Huge Front Cover of Pornographic Magazines on Google Maps

In April this year,to celebrate the magazine publishing the 100 issues, the soft porn magazine Maxim decided to construct  a 110 feet long giant magazine cover  in the Nevada desert in United States , its size to be able clearly visible on the satellite .And it can be used by Google Earth and other softwares. Of course, the Google Earth map update will take some time.And the Las Vegas desert map was not so high-resolution, so Maxim decided to publish a kml file in order for people  to be able to preview first. Read more

The Computer Skill to Completely Clear the Windows 7 Computer Using Traces (using record)

1.Close or Clear traces of browsing files

Even though the snoopers can not directly browse the contents of the document,but they also can view your recently used files to know your work through the File menu in Word or Excel.Even the temporary list listed  the files deleted by you.So it is best to turn off the feature.

For example , in Office 2012 Word or Excel, select the "File" menu, then select "Help" - "Options" item, and then enter the "Advanced" tab to modify"display this number of Recent Documents "selection box figures to 0 in the "show".Now it will not show the most recently used files.  Read more

So Funny!Ten Unexpected Invention Products(2)

Ten Unexpected Invention Products

6.Microwave oven

first Microwave oven

In 1945, an engineer working for Raytheon Company found that,when he was working next to a military radar equipment  his candy melted in his  pocket. He realized that the radiation may roast of the candy. So the inventor Percy Spencer invented the microwave first .Then the microwave oven height is almost only five feet. Read more

So Funny!Ten Unexpected Invention Products(1)

Ten Unexpected Invention Products

Sometimes, the accident is not necessarily a bad thing, all the ten products below are not deliberately produced, just because some coincidence. They are invented out and become the important things in our lives.We take a look at what kind of these products.


In Cardy shepherd legend an Ethiopia shepherd discovered his goats performance excited after  have eaten some red berrieshe. So he did some tests on himself, and verify that the changes of mood. he bring these berries to a local imam and gradually developed the method of eating that prior baking, and then added in batches in the boiling water .Then coffee was invented. Read more CEO :Windows 8 would be “the end” of the line for Microsoft’s PC OS

Marc Benioff, the well-known  as the CEO of, has never been shy about explaining his views about how cloud-based software is going to replace the traditional enterprise software model .... someday. Today, he let loose with a bold prediction about Windows 8.

Windows 8 is a catalyst or "gambit" for CIOs, forcing them to say "am I going to Windows 8, or am I going to something else," Benioff said during a question-and-answer session at's Cloudforce event in New York, which was webcast.

Benioff admitted, "Now, we're not completely there. Everything is not heterogenous client, everything is not LTE, everything is not cloud." But he also claims that some large businesses want to get rid of PCs in favor of employees using portable devices that they may buy and bring to work on their own, in the "bring your own device" approach. Read more