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The Best Five Tips to Tweak Windows 8

The Best Five Tips to Tweak Windows 8

Disable Uninstall Option For Windows 8 Modern UI Apps

The biggest change in Windows 8 is the Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI). Now, in addition to the Desktop workspace, you have the Start Screen. The apps that you install from Windows 8 Store can only be accessed from the Start Screen. The Uninstall or Change a Program dialog box lets you uninstall only those applications that are installed from external sources. You can uninstall any Windows Store app from Start Screen by right-clicking it and then selecting Uninstall option from the bottom. Although, it saves the hassle of opening Uninstall or Change a Program dialog box, it provides access to all users to easily uninstall the Windows Store apps from your computer. If you’re looking for a way to keep standard users from uninstalling Modern UI apps, check out our article to find out how to disable the uninstall option from the Start Screen. Read more

The Win 8 Themes for Win7

The Win 8 Themes for Win7

The website deviantART release a Win8 theme, Win7 system suddenly wear Win8 "coat".This Win8 theme support all language versions of 32-bit and 64-bit Win7 system, the size of 6.8MB.You can feel Win8 environment after installation.Come to experience together.You can download here :

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Bind the IP and MAC Addresses in Windows and Linux

To do arp binding Gateway in Windows.

1.Find the gateway address of local network segment, such as

Cocuments and Settings>arp -a
Interface: --- 0x2
Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-01-02-03-04-05 dynamic

The gateway arp address is dynamic.

2.Write a batch file arpbinding.bat, which reads as follows.

@ echo off
arp-s 00-11-22-33-44-55
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Solution to Fix DNS Server Error

DNS is the Domain Name System. Every website address connects to a domain name; for example, and are both domain names. IP addresses are actually what we are connecting to on the Internet. DNS was produced in order to make webpages easier to access, for each one server IP address assigned a domain name. A DNS server error happens when one can't access the IP address that corresponds with the domain name.

DNS server errors may be caused by the DNS server being switched off or having undergone a harmful error of some kind. Links Read more

Solution of HTTP Error 500.19- Internal Server Error

Solution of HTTP Error 500.19- Internal Server Error

Just deployed a WebService in local host, when browsing to display "HTTP error 500.19-Internal Server Error".After checked found to be causes of installing IIS after installing VS2008, just re-register AspNet .

1.Open run, enter cmd into the command prompt window.

2.Enter the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 directory.

3.Type the Aspnet_regiis.exe – i and run Read more

Girl Frozen For 500 Years

Girl Frozen For 500 years

Girl who was killed as an offering to the Inca gods sometime between 1450 and 1480, at approximately 11–15 years old.
best-preserved mummy ever found, with internal organs intact, blood still present in the heart and lungs, and skin and facial features mostly unscathed. No special effort had been made to preserve her and 500 years later still looked like sleeping children. Read more

A Php Backdoor Source Code

A Php Backdoor Source Code

This is a shell backdoor source code written in php script.Run it on a remote host.It will run to listen a port 5007.When you connect the remote host ,it will open a shell.But when i execute a command on the shell interface,i do not know if the instruction has been executed.It means i am not sure if the instruction is running or completed.

The source code :

<? php


define('LISTEN_PORT', '5007'); Read more

How to Fix Mshtml.dll Error ?

Mshtml.dll is an important system file stored in the Windows system folder, usually is created in the process of installing the operating system.Trojan or computer virus will result in the loss of the file or error.

So if your meet the mshtml.dll error or not found,you can not use the IE browser.You must download the mshtml.dll file in the professional dll file download site. Read more

Differences Between Null and Undefined in Java Script

Differences Between Null and Undefined in JavaScript

When we design a site using JavaScript,we will find there are two original types : null and undefined.Now we maybe puzzle when to use null and when to use undefined.

Null type is only one value ,just is null.It is used to indicate a not exist object.Commonly used to express a not exist object function attempts to return .

Undefined type is also only one value ,just is undefined.When a declared variable is not been initialized, the default value of the variable is undefined.

Javascript code Read more

The Code of Automatic Adding Article Copyright Information to Prevent Copying

The Code of Automatic Adding Article Copyright Information to Prevent Copying

Anytime we will find that we can see your article in any other website ,but there is no link to your site.So to prevent piracy,we must add some codes to our site.Now there are source codes of automatic adding article copyright information.

<script type="text/javascript">
event.returnValue=false; Read more

Difference Between Mysql and Oracle

Difference Between Mysql and Oracle

When we use the database of Mysql and Oracle we will find there are many differences between them.Now let us have a look at these differences.

1. Oracle is a large database and Mysql is a small and medium  databases, Oracle's market share is 40%, Mysql only about 20%, at the same time the Mysql is open source but Oracle price is very high.

2. Oracle support large concurrent and large views, is the  best OLTP tools.
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What is a ROM Memory ?

What is a ROM Memory ?

ROM is the read-only memory.It is different from RAM.It is the solid-state semiconductor memory only read the beforehand stored data  . Its characteristics is that as soon as the data storaged it can not be changed or deleted. ROM of the stored data is stable, the stored data will not change in the power off.Its structure is relatively simple, the read-out is more convenient, and thus commonly used for storing various fixed program and data,such as the computer BIOS chip.Becasue ROM can not rewrite the information and can not be upgraded, it is now rarely used.

For ease of use and high-volume production, the further developments of ROM are Programmable ROM (PROM),Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM),Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM),Flash ROM.etc..

Flash ROM is the useful .Flash ROM write fast,can write with low voltage. It has large capacity and low cost.It is used in Compact Flash/CF,Smart Media/SM,Security Digital/SD,Multimedia Card/MMC,Memory Stick/MS, and also used in PDA ,Pocket computer ,andriod smartphone.

What Is a Computer RAM Memory ?

What Is a Computer RAM Memory ?

RAM is the Random access memory. The contents of the storage unit can demand to be removed or deposit easily. The  access speed has no relationship with the location of the storage unit. Such a memory will loss the stored contents when the power off, so it is mainly used for storing short time use program.

The speed of  the modern random access memory is almost fastest in all access equipment write and read speeds.And fetch delay is very small compared to storage devices and other mechanical operation. Read more

Johnny Manziel Wins the Heisman Trophy

Johnny Manziel Wins The Heisman Trophy

Saturday night Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, taking college football’s top individual prize after a record-breaking debut.

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o gets  second and Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein is third in the voting. In a Heisman race with two nontraditional candidates, Manziel breaks through the class barrier and keeps Te'o from becoming the first purely defensive player to win the honor. Read more

How to Add Picture Alt Attribute Code Automatic in WordPress

How to add picture alt attribute code automatic in WordPress? We all know, the picture add alt attributes is conducive the search engine to find the picture.If the alt attribute is appropriate , perhaps the pictures can bring your website a lot of traffic.

However, we may find it is too much trouble to add the picture alt attribute one by one, especially the picture theme site.So is there a method of fully automatic adding to the site pictures alt attribute?
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Solution of the Troubleshooting of Machine.config File not Found

Solution of the troubleshooting of machine.config File not found

Sometime we install the .Net framework 3.5 we will meet the error code 1603,a part of the error were caused by machine.config file not found or error.So we must download a machine.config file and copy to the path "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\config\".This is the source code of this file ,you can copy the code and save as the machine.config. Read more

Solution of the Error Code 1603 for This Component Means “Fatal Error During Installation.”

When you install .Net framework 3.5/2.0 or Microsoft Visual Studio you may receive the message :Error code 1603 for this component means "Fatal error during installation." And it is easy to solve this error.

The error code 1603 is wide error,first,you should locate the cause of error code 1603 in a verbose MSI log file.In the current user's temp file folder,for example in Windows 7 it is "c:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp ".And if you can not find the folder,you may type "echo %temp%" in the CMD mode ,then you will get the path.

Find you log file like dd_NET_Framework35_MSIXXX.txt, open it and search "Return Value 3",above this row is the Read more

The DDOS Attacks Source Code in C Programming Language

Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) is not a new concept and has been an effective way to get attention. DDoS is simple to orchestrate and rather difficult to defend against.

I came across the code which allegedly has been used by Anonymous to carry out some attacks on their targets.The code itself is straightforward, generating the desired effect at will without the need to control a large number of systems.This is the DDOS attack source code in c programming language: Read more

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator

 How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator

There are 2 methods of how to activate Microsoft Office 2010. First way is using KMS Activator for Microsoft Office 2010.We use a working genuine crack. The second way is to activate Microsoft Office 2010 copy manually by the cd-key.We introduce the way on how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 by using  KMS Activator for Office 2010.

KMS Activator Office 2010 is an activator for activate microsoft office 2010. KMS Activator can crack or activate microsoft office 2010 all version (x86 & x64) such as office 2010 professional (x86 & x64), office 2010 technical preview (x86 & x64), etc. It is works 100% and make your microsoft office 2010 genuine. KMS Activator works on 32-bit and 64-bit edition of Office 2010.

How to use KMS activator to activate office 2010:

1. First download the KMS activator software for Microsoft office 2010 here:Activator KMS

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Let Your Windows XP Display Week in the Lower-Right Corner of Desktop

Let your Windows XP display week in the lower-right corner of desktop
      What day is it today? I am afraid this is  a question all of us usually have to ask.But in the Windows XP system, in order to know what today is the day of the week you must double-click to open the clock program .Just simple mouse hover over the clock above can not see the day. In fact, Windows XP supports display the week, and only needed a simple setting will be able to achieve this feature.

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