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Some Reasons for BIOS Alarm

Sometimes our computer alarms when booting,it means some error occured.If we can understand the alarms we can know what is the wrong with the computer.There are some reasons for the bios alarm.


1 short beep:Memory refresh failed. Replace the memory.

2 short beeps:Memory ECC errors in testing. In the CMOS Setup Menu,set the memory on the ECC check option to Disabled.But the best way is to replace the memory.

4 short beeps:System clock error.

3 short beeps:System basic memory check failed. Replace the memory.

5 short beeps:CPU errors.

6 short beeps:Keyboard controller errors. Read more

How to Reset the Administrator Password if You Lost or Forgot your Windows 7 Password ?

Yesterday  i changed my Windows 7 user password but today unfortunately i forgot my administrator password.So i want to recover my password.Maybe most people will meet this problem.Now i share some ways to recover or reset the administrator password.

1.Use the Administrator Blank password.

Many users do not use the administrator account,so now you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete ,it will jump out of the account window.You can type administrator in the user name,and press enter to login the Windows 7 system.It is the easiest way to recover the password.

2.Forget the password, but you have logged in the system. Read more

The Free Windows XP Home Edition and Professional Edition (Sp2 Sp3) Activation Keys

Free windows xp home edition activation key:

KRGKM-2QTBV-GKQC6-762J3-Q3GTP Read more

KMS VS MAK or What are the Differences Between Them ?

KMS VS MAK or What are the Differences Between Them ?KMS is set on the specified host system , the system will activate all MS Office 2010 client installation, without the need for every computer to connect to Microsoft for product activation.Usually the enterprises with a lot of computers (more than 25) adopts this way.

The KMS advantage is that once you have set up a KMS host, KMS client can automatically find the host in the DNS and according to it to  activate itself. Only need one KMS host to activate Windows and all Office client products. Entered only once a KMS host key and activate the KMS host can activate not only Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and can also activate Visio, Project and InfoPath. Read more

The Default Setting of Windows 7 Path Environment Variables List

Sometimes, because of reasons such as computer viruses or malware will cause the system environment variables to change, and even lead to many application errors or fail to start.So, in this case, we must restore our default environment variables settings of windows 7.

However, we do not know what is the default Windows 7 environment variables, and how shall we add the default environment variables to the system settings?

Here is the windows 7 default list of environment variables, just need the environment variables in this list can be added to the system.

Users  variables Read more

How to Shut Down the Computer in Windows 8

Now many users have installed Windows 8 on their computers.Windows 8 is so different from the previous Windows operating systems.Great changes have taken place in Windows 8.The most obvious is we can not see the shutdown button.For many users,it  is very inconvenient.How to shut down the computer in Windows 8 becomes the new problem.There are several way to shun down the computer in Windows 8,maybe they are useful for you.

1.Use the "Win+i" shortcut key or use the mouse to right bottom/right corner of the desktop, bringing up the Charm menu toolbar. Click the "power" you will see the sleep, shutdown, restart options.Applies both traditional desktops and Metro interface. Read more

Using U Disk to Install Windows 8

With Windows 8 officially released, more and more users want to install this latest Microsoft operating system. But ISO image files downloaded from the Internet, need to use tools such as Nero or IMGBurn to burn a CD-ROM to install.Can we use U disk to install Windows 8 ?

In fact, we only need a tool of making boot U disk, then you can quickly and easily use the U disk to install Windows 8 operating system. For users, the U disk installed Windows 8, not only easy to carry and install faster.

Below, I will share with you make Windows 8 boot U disk. For starters, to convert the Windows 8 Read more

Using Mysql Command-line to Import Large Sql Data

Here is using mysql command-line to import large sql data.Maybe you will need it when you want to import a large sql file .

For people who regularly use MYSQL, phpmyadmin is an essential tool. This is a very powerful tool, almost all database operations can be done, but it also has a weakness for import large data files to the remote server will be excruciatingly slow, and even the long-term response.

Why would this situation? When we choose a sql data file and submit, the server first to upload files to the server before performing the import code to import data into the database. We know phpmyadmin uploaded data files via the web, web upload is very unstable, especially when network is not very good, which is why we have so many times in front of the computer waiting eagerly for the final but did not result reasons. Read more

Using Remote Technical Support to Fix Computer Problems

Computer and Internet technology has touched every corner of life and people from all walks of lives are using this. One should be highly grateful to the enterprising efforts of scientists and developers who are consistently involved in the business for a better tomorrow. However, problems has never continued an exception. But surely these are challenges which provoke towards development and invention.

In early days computer support was catered through direct on-site visit of technicians or by repair shops. Read more

Configure an Authoritative Time Server in Windows Server 2008

Time synchronisation in modern internet networks is necessary, all computers need to get the time as many applications, from sending an email to storing information are reliant on the personal computer knowing when the event happened.

From Microsoft Windows Server 2000 onwards has a time synchronisation utility built into the operating system called  Windows Time Service which can be configured to operate as a NTP server.Windows Server 2008 can easily settle the system clock to use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) by accessing an Internet source.

To accomplish this, the user just has to double click the clock on the desktop and adjust the settings in the Internet Time tab.It must be noticed all the same, that Microsoft and other operating system manufacturers strongly advise that external timing references should be used as Internet sources can not be authenticated. Read more

Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Sometimes you need share a printer in Windows XP and Windows 7,or share XP printer with Windows 7 .When you sharing the printer you may meet any problems.So there are the easy steps to share a printer in Windows XP or Windows 7.

1. The first step is to insure that all the computers are working in a same network. It can also be the same WLAN. After that, you should also make sure that the printer has also connected to the computer that you want to claim as the main home group. Make sure the printer is power on. Read more

Causes And Solutions on How to Fix Physical Memory Dump in Windows 7 or Windows XP

We all may meet the situation that when we open more programs or playing games ,the computer suddenly became blue screen and displayed "beginning dump of physical memory".It will affect our mood.How to fix this  Physical Memory Dump problem ?

First we should know what to cause this problems.There are several reasons to cause this physical memory dump error in Windows 7 and Windows XP.Then you can try to solve the problem using corresponding method. Read more

What is a ROM Memory ?

What is a ROM Memory ?

ROM is the read-only memory.It is different from RAM.It is the solid-state semiconductor memory only read the beforehand stored data  . Its characteristics is that as soon as the data storaged it can not be changed or deleted. ROM of the stored data is stable, the stored data will not change in the power off.Its structure is relatively simple, the read-out is more convenient, and thus commonly used for storing various fixed program and data,such as the computer BIOS chip.Becasue ROM can not rewrite the information and can not be upgraded, it is now rarely used.

For ease of use and high-volume production, the further developments of ROM are Programmable ROM (PROM),Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM),Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM),Flash ROM.etc..

Flash ROM is the useful .Flash ROM write fast,can write with low voltage. It has large capacity and low cost.It is used in Compact Flash/CF,Smart Media/SM,Security Digital/SD,Multimedia Card/MMC,Memory Stick/MS, and also used in PDA ,Pocket computer ,andriod smartphone.

What Is a Computer RAM Memory ?

What Is a Computer RAM Memory ?

RAM is the Random access memory. The contents of the storage unit can demand to be removed or deposit easily. The  access speed has no relationship with the location of the storage unit. Such a memory will loss the stored contents when the power off, so it is mainly used for storing short time use program.

The speed of  the modern random access memory is almost fastest in all access equipment write and read speeds.And fetch delay is very small compared to storage devices and other mechanical operation. Read more

What Does Windows RT Mean? What Are the Differences between Windows RT and Windows 8 ?

What does Windows RT mean? What is the difference between Windows RT and Windows 8 ?

Windows RT is a new operating system based on Windows, the system is suitable for longer battery life and designed for use on the road of thin computers.All Versions of Windows 8 Feature Comparison. Read more

the Categories of the Mobile Phone Virus

The mobile phone virus in the form can be divided into four categories:

1."wireless transmission" Bluetooth devices spread of viruses such as "Cabir", "Lasco.A".

Small knowledge: Cabir is a network worm that can infect run "Symbian" operating system phone. Use the Bluetooth wireless feature would be close to other vulnerable mobile phone with the virus after scanning, the discovery of vulnerabilities phone, the virus will replicate itself and sent to the phone. Lasco.A viruses and worms, to other phones via Bluetooth wireless transmission, when the user clicks on the virus file, the virus was immediately activated.

2.Mobile phone viruses for mobile communications providers, such as "Mosquito Trojan". Read more

Computer Skill : How to Partition a Hard Drive ?


Partition a hard drive when separate drives are required for storing data or to keep parts of drive safe from viruses or corruption. Set up a partitioned hard drive with an IT specialist in this free video on computer hard drives.

Partition manager wizard is really a good thing, MiniTool partition manager wizard is a good choice for you. It is easy to use and it is efficient. Saved my partitions with this tool!

Useful Alt key, Clever Use of 12 Strokes

1.Activation * for the command: press the Alt key to activate the menu bar of the active window, the first menu of the menu bar to highlight, press the Alt key and a letter you can activate this letter on behalf of the menu item, If you press Alt + F to activate the current window "file (File) menu. In addition, the dialog box, press the Alt key and the underlined letter, you can select the option and the appropriate action.
2.To terminate a process: press CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination to pop up a "Close Program dialog box, select a process, and then click" End Task "button to quickly terminate the process. Again press the Ctrl + Alt + DEL key combination can restart the computer.
3.Pop-up drop-down list: In the dialog, you can Alt + Down arrow keys to eject the selected drop-down list, so as not to use the mouse to find and click the arrow buttons in the list box, the pain.
4.Quick View attributes: press Alt + Enter key combination to the left mouse button or hold down the Alt key while double-clicking an object (such as the right window of the Explorer folder, the file icon on the desktop, the window on the left folder can not), you can quickly open its Properties dialog box. Its role is equivalent to right click and select "Properties". Read more

What is Virtual Memory, and How to Set Virtual Memory?

What is virtual memory, and how to set virtual memory?

The concept of virtual memory to physical memory when the system's physical memory space to make ends meet, the operating system on your hard drive to open up a disk space as memory usage, this part of hard disk space is called virtual memory. Win386.swp file in the form of Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP form to manage the virtual memory page file pagefile.sys.

First, the size

1. In general

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to let Windows manage virtual memory to automatically assign it according to the actual memory usage, dynamically adjusts the size of virtual memory. Read more

What is the AHCI Mode ?

What is the AHCI Mode ?

AHCI (the Advanced Host Controller Interface),in Intel's guidance, by the number of companies R & D interface standard, which allows the storage driver to enable advanced Serial ATA features such as Native Command Queuing and hot plug, its R & D team members include Intel, AMD, Dell, Marvell, Maxtor, Microsoft, Red Hat, Seagate and StorageGear famous enterprises.

The AHCI essence is a PCI class device to play the role of a common interface (ie, it is common to different operating systems and hardware), in between the internal logic of the system memory bus and Serial ATA devices. This device class describes the general system memory structure with control and status area, the command sequence entry table; each command table entry contains the SATA device programming information, and a point (used in the device and host transfer data) that describes the table pointer.

Read more

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

What Makes the Cloud Computer?

The relative success and cult-like popularity of Asus’ Eee cloud computer has helped raise the level of interest in what’s being called a new class of computers. Some call the new machines ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs), others have labeled them Netbooks, and many are safely referring to them as handhelds. It’s hardly a surprise that the PC powerhouses — Intel, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and dozens of others — have gone running after this opportunity.

After using one of the so-called Netbooks, it has become obvious that they really need to go back to the drawing board and rethink how people are going to use these devices if they want to participate in the next big shift of computing. Read more

CPU Troubleshooting

CPU Troubleshooting

1.The noise of the chassis.

Fault phenomenon: to upgrade the CPU, the computer every time you turn noise particularly large. But after a while, the voice returned to normal.
Fault Analysis and Processing: First check whether the CPU fan fix bad chassis work and structure of some low-quality, easily in the boot of work caused by resonance, increased noise, in addition to the CPU fan and chassis fan motor add a little oil to try. If it is, it is best to replace the chassis because the chassis of the box single book.

2.The temperature rising too quickly.

Fault phenomenon: a computer running when the CPU temperature rose quickly, boot and only a few minutes the temperature rose from 88 ° F to 124 ° F and when 128 ° F to stabilize, no longer rising. Read more

What is the Android Mobile Phone System Root Access? How to Obtain Android Root Access?How to Use the Android Root Apps?

What is the Android mobile phone system root access?, I need it to do what? How to obtain android root access?How to use the Android root apps?
Android root is the nerve center of the phone, it can access and modify your cell phone almost all the documents, these things may be making mobile phone companies do not want to you to modify and touch things, because they are likely to affect the stability of the phone, but also easy to Some hacking (Root is the super administrator user account in Linux and other UNIX system, the account has the right of the entire system to the supreme, all the objects he has the right to operate)
Since the Android root privilege is so important, why do we need to get it?

Read more

How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy

How to Make a Dos Bootable Floppy

We had introduced the What is the bootable floppy,but how to make a dos bootable floppy. When there is an error in your boot sequence, a dos bootable floppy can help you to access your operating system to solve this problem.The following is how to make a dos bootable floppy for Windows XP.

Read more

What Is a Super-Computer ?

What Is a Super-Computer ?

Super-computer usually means buildup by hundreds and thousands or even more processors , and can calculate the large and complex computer issues the ordinary PC and the server can not complete.To help you better understand the computational speed of super-computers we compared the normal computer operation speed of the adults' walking speed, then the super-computer reached the rocket speed. In such a computing speed of the premise that people through the numerical simulation can predict and explain the natural phenomena previously inaccessible experiments. Read more

Computer Basics : Whats My Ip Address ?

Whats my ip address ? What is an IP address?

Every device connected to the public Internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses consist of four numbers separated by periods (also called a 'dotted-quad') and look something like

Since these numbers are usually assigned to internet service providers within region-based blocks, an IP address can often be used to identify the region or country from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. An IP address can sometimes be used to show the user's general location. Read more