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How To Fix Memory Error of Access Violation at Address Reading Location ?

Memory error of access violation at address on reading location is a common error in windows system.If you’re getting the Access Violation at Address Error it means that a program you’re trying to run is trying to access memory that is already used by a program that is already running. For example if you already have program A running and program A is accessing memory piece A if program B that you’ve just started is trying to access memory piece A you will get the Access Violation at Address Error.

Possibly, an access violation error message can be caused by one of the following solutions.

1.The error happens when one process did not lock the memory location before accessing correctly. Locking it helps to inform all other processes that they cannot use this location until it is unlocked for general use. Read more

Install RASS Sevice as NAT Router in Windows Server 2012

If the internal network computer to go out required a NAT router can help them to send out packets.Not only out to the Internet, if you want two different network segments connected in fact, we can rely on Windows RASS help.Windows Server 2012 RASS NAT Routing setting is simple, basically is the same as with the old Windows version. Read more

How to Change the Default Google Chrome User Data in Localappdata

Now many users use the Google Chrome browser.But the Google Chrome browser exists a big problem, it cached page data and other information in a directory called User Data in Localappdata .In Windows XP,the user is administrator,the fold path is C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\,in Windows 7,the fold path is C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\.

This directory can not be set.Only set on the C disk, this is more inconvenient, is also taking up a lot of disk space of C disk .My user data catalog has taken 1GB space .How to change the default localappdata in Google Chrome user data ? There are three ways: Read more

Three Skills To Help You to Protect Yourself From Email Scams

Have you ever received those emails that spun a story about a lawyer or a rich person needing your help, in the form of transferring some money to you so that they could execute a will on your behalf? It sounds far-fetched, but the fact is thousands of people have unwittingly fallen for scams like this. Sadly, email scams had leveled up to become traps for email identity theft scam. Some emails lead individuals to portals that masquerade as websites they can trust, only to capture their details, and turn them into victims of ID theft, or worse, clean out a victim's financial accounts.

Here are some computer skills for email scam identity theft protection: Read more

Solution of Can Not Open CHM Files in Windows 7

Many users have the problems on opening chm files after installed  Windows 7 operating system.Chm files is the help file type of e-books, in Windows 7 chm files can not be opened because of security issues. Many users do not know how to solve this problem after encountered chm files can not be opened. Here we will analyze this problem that chm files can not be open in Windows 7,help users solve the trouble .

The solutions of can not open chm files in windows 7: Read more

How to Fix the Problems of Sharing Printer in Windows XP

In Windows XP, often due to various reasons  caused can not share the printer.First, let us look at the problems as well as solutions to the most prone to the shared printer in Windows XP.

1.Network Neighborhood unable to view.

Shared printer in Windows XP, the first thing to do is not directly on the workstation to install a network printer .Instead, take a look at the "View workgroup computers" in "Network Neighborhood" whether normal browsing and there is a computer installed printer.Instead, take a look at the "View workgroup computers" in "Network Neighborhood" normal browsing, and whether there is a computer installed printer. If you can find the print server, the basic conditions are ripe for a shared printer, if an error occurs, you should solve this problem first. Read more

How to Fix the Problems of Windows 7 activation

 If the Windows 7 activation isn't done within the assigned time , a lot features of the operating system are disabled.If you haven't activated Windows 7 during the installing procedure, you can activate it manually as well. Then You could meet some problems when activating Windows 7 on your personal computer .

There are 4 usual problems related with Windows 7 activation:

1. Invalid product key when activating Windows 7

The error "Invalid Product key" may happen if you have typed the wrong product key, or the product key does not match the Windows 7 version.There are 6 versions of Windows 7 :Windows 7 Starter,Windows 7 Home Basic,Windows 7 Home Premium,Windows 7 Professional,Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate.You should check your product key matching your Windows version. Read more

The Best Five Tips to Tweak Windows 8

The Best Five Tips to Tweak Windows 8

Disable Uninstall Option For Windows 8 Modern UI Apps

The biggest change in Windows 8 is the Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI). Now, in addition to the Desktop workspace, you have the Start Screen. The apps that you install from Windows 8 Store can only be accessed from the Start Screen. The Uninstall or Change a Program dialog box lets you uninstall only those applications that are installed from external sources. You can uninstall any Windows Store app from Start Screen by right-clicking it and then selecting Uninstall option from the bottom. Although, it saves the hassle of opening Uninstall or Change a Program dialog box, it provides access to all users to easily uninstall the Windows Store apps from your computer. If you’re looking for a way to keep standard users from uninstalling Modern UI apps, check out our article to find out how to disable the uninstall option from the Start Screen. Read more

How to Fix Mshtml.dll Error ?

Mshtml.dll is an important system file stored in the Windows system folder, usually is created in the process of installing the operating system.Trojan or computer virus will result in the loss of the file or error.

So if your meet the mshtml.dll error or not found,you can not use the IE browser.You must download the mshtml.dll file in the professional dll file download site. Read more

Solution of the Troubleshooting of Machine.config File not Found

Solution of the troubleshooting of machine.config File not found

Sometime we install the .Net framework 3.5 we will meet the error code 1603,a part of the error were caused by machine.config file not found or error.So we must download a machine.config file and copy to the path "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\config\".This is the source code of this file ,you can copy the code and save as the machine.config. Read more

Solution of the Error Code 1603 for This Component Means “Fatal Error During Installation.”

When you install .Net framework 3.5/2.0 or Microsoft Visual Studio you may receive the message :Error code 1603 for this component means "Fatal error during installation." And it is easy to solve this error.

The error code 1603 is wide error,first,you should locate the cause of error code 1603 in a verbose MSI log file.In the current user's temp file folder,for example in Windows 7 it is "c:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp ".And if you can not find the folder,you may type "echo %temp%" in the CMD mode ,then you will get the path.

Find you log file like dd_NET_Framework35_MSIXXX.txt, open it and search "Return Value 3",above this row is the Read more

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator

 How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator

There are 2 methods of how to activate Microsoft Office 2010. First way is using KMS Activator for Microsoft Office 2010.We use a working genuine crack. The second way is to activate Microsoft Office 2010 copy manually by the cd-key.We introduce the way on how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 by using  KMS Activator for Office 2010.

KMS Activator Office 2010 is an activator for activate microsoft office 2010. KMS Activator can crack or activate microsoft office 2010 all version (x86 & x64) such as office 2010 professional (x86 & x64), office 2010 technical preview (x86 & x64), etc. It is works 100% and make your microsoft office 2010 genuine. KMS Activator works on 32-bit and 64-bit edition of Office 2010.

How to use KMS activator to activate office 2010:

1. First download the KMS activator software for Microsoft office 2010 here:Activator KMS

Read more

Let Your Windows XP Display Week in the Lower-Right Corner of Desktop

Let your Windows XP display week in the lower-right corner of desktop
      What day is it today? I am afraid this is  a question all of us usually have to ask.But in the Windows XP system, in order to know what today is the day of the week you must double-click to open the clock program .Just simple mouse hover over the clock above can not see the day. In fact, Windows XP supports display the week, and only needed a simple setting will be able to achieve this feature.

Read more

The Causes and Solution of Can Not Format Flash Drive

The Causes and Solution of Can Not Format Flash Drive

Sometimes,we will meet the situation of the flash drive can not format .The attribute of the flash drive is displaying RAW file system ,the disk space and the available disk space all are 0 , and what are the causes of can not format flash drive ?  There are several reasons:

1.The mobile hard disk or USB flash disk can not format  because the data was damaged.

2.The USB flash drive can not format because the USB disk infected with computer viruses , such as the autorun.exe virus.The viruses are not completely killing and the  viruses destroyed USB disk system files.

3.A non-conventional operation. (e.g., the not compatible read-write device). Read more

Solutions of the Several Errors about “to Interrupt Normal Startup Press Enter”

Solutions of the Several Errors about "to Interrupt Normal Startup Press Enter"

Sometimes you will meet the problem when you boot your computer the screen displayed the error "to interrupt normal startup press enter" .For this problem ,there are several situation:

Case 1 :Computer booting display "to interrupt normal post,press enter!" and it would pass in 5 minutes.

Stop at "to interrupt normal post,press enter!",it means the operating system was not problem. Maybe the hard disk ,display card or memory loose.If you have checked them and the problem was still,most likely the hard disk has bad tracks or sector.The best you carry the computer to maintenance organizations.

Case 2 :Boot appears "to interrupt normal startup, press enter", but does not  press Enter, keyboard does not respond to, and keyboard light is not bright.The computer can not boot at all. Read more

Share Some Hackers’ Google Search Skills

Share Some Hackers' Google Search Skills

Everyone knows that no doubt Google is  the most powerful search engine in the world today. But it is also a secret weapon in the hands of hackers.It can search some information unexpected by you. Computerites blog make a simple conclusion does not hope to use it  to attack someone else's website. I hope everyone to use these computer skills to find useful information for you in the vast network information.

If you are a webmaster, you quickly look at if your site is well done at precautionary measures below hacker detection . If not quickly come to a remedy the situation.If you are a hacker, I believe you seen a similar method as early as in the other hacker sites.You can save valuable time to do more meaningful things.You could not read this article, go somewhere else.But if you are an ordinary Internet user, you can use hacker techniques to expand your horizons and improve your retrieval efficiency.

Now let us study the skills: Read more

The Computer Skill to Completely Clear the Windows 7 Computer Using Traces (using record)

1.Close or Clear traces of browsing files

Even though the snoopers can not directly browse the contents of the document,but they also can view your recently used files to know your work through the File menu in Word or Excel.Even the temporary list listed  the files deleted by you.So it is best to turn off the feature.

For example , in Office 2012 Word or Excel, select the "File" menu, then select "Help" - "Options" item, and then enter the "Advanced" tab to modify"display this number of Recent Documents "selection box figures to 0 in the "show".Now it will not show the most recently used files.  Read more

Take a Look at How Many Garbage Files Waste Your Computer Memory

See how many garbage files waste of memory in your computer

Many friends said exaggerated, can only reduce the dozens of M, in fact, it is because your system was relatively clean, if you use some time to install some software, upgrade, and long browsing pictures, some time after you clean up and then try it can reach more than 1G, no exaggeration, just for different people.

Do not want to make it as a Bat file to upload, let everyone write their own, will feel more secure, assured that security think we can protect.

Teach you to write your own program.

This program is to clean up the garbage in the computer automatically without breaking the system and better than many software.
Open [Start] - [All Programs] - [Accessories] - [Notepad]
Then copy the following content Read more

Windows 7 Installation Failure Causes and Solutions

Windows 7 installation failure causes and solutions:

1. the hard disk is insufficient reserve space

Although Win7 known affinity of great demand for hardware platforms, but as the latest operating system for hardware performance still has certain requirements, disk space. According to the the Win7 install Microsoft's official announcement of the minimum hardware resources, not less than 25GB of system disk space. If you have enough disk space when installed, Win7 will clear an error type, and automatically exit the installation.

Install Win7 C drive best guarantee 50G.

Win7 install error user for system disk space is not enough, you can consider using software such as PQ10.0, ADDS extend C drive space more appropriate Xiaobian recommended more than 50G of space reserved for the system disk to install Win7. Of course, if you still use less than 80G hard drive, then buy a piece of the new high-capacity hard disk is the best solution. Read more

5 Kinds of Resolve to the Lack of Computer Memory

If insufficient memory, computer failure, but you do not want to restart the computer, there are 5 kinds of approach:

1.Clear the contents of the clipboard and temporary files. The clipboard existing section of the text of a picture or a considerable length, occupy a large memory, the solution is: Click "Start" -"Programs" - "Accessories" - "" clipboard viewer program , open the "clipboard Viewer"window, then click the "Edit" menu, "delete command, and finally click" Yes "button.

2.Close common window. If multiple windows are opened, in fact, is to run multiple programs, the memory consumed, followed by close to achieve the purpose of savings. Read more

5 Kinds of Resolve to the Lack of Computer Memory

If insufficient memory let computer failure, but also do not want to restart the computer, there are 5 kinds of approach:

1.Clear the contents of the clipboard. The clipboard existing section of the text of a picture or a considerable length, occupy a large memory, the solution is: Click "Start" -"Programs" - "Accessories" - "" clipboard viewer program , open the "clipboard Viewer"window, then click the "Edit" menu, "delete command, and finally click" Yes "button.
Read more

Why NTFS format to see less than a letter of security attributes

Why NTFS format to see less than a letter of security attributes

Why is my computer under Windows XP look right do not see the security attributes, but you can see under WINDOWS 2003 are NTFS format?

Attributes of the file (folder) "security" label only in the NTFS-formatted partition, if you do not see this tab, open My Computer, click Tools → Folder Options → View, and then in the Advanced Settings option to continue In addition  a komagari before to simple file sharing(recommended) .

Now you can see the security label in the file attributes.

The Role of BOOT.ini File and the Solution of It Lost

BOOT.ini file stores important information on system startup by modifying the BOOT.INIcontent, we can set up multi-system startup, and adjust the system time. BOOT.INI file is missing, the hardware can not find the system disk and the system will not start. But if we  really encountered the BOOT.INI file is missing how to do it? This time, we only need to create a new BOOT.INI file content can be rewritten to start. Specific methods are as follows:
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One of the Most Simple Solution to the Computer Shuts Down Slow

Simple two-step to solve our computer shuts down slow:
Click Start and choose run,then enter "msconfig", check the antivirus software, firewall input method ctfmon the three other of the hook are removed, OK, turn off, restart the computer to check.
Download Shutdown acceleration patch, and then directly into the registry in XP shutdown, the system will send a message to run the program and the remote server, and tell them to shut down and wait for receiving the response from the system began to shut down.

How to Encrypted File in the Windows XP System

How to encrypted file in the Windows XP system

Tell us about how to encrypt files in Windows XP system:

Does in Windows XP directly on the file (folder) encryption, but it requires a premise:you want to encrypt the file (folder) where the hard disk partition is NTFS format. If your hard disk partition is not NTFS format, operate conversion, then the following method to encrypt.
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Speed Computer: Three Computer Skills to Quick Release of the Computer System Resources

Speed computer: Three computer skills to quick release of the computer system resources

Do you think that their own computer to run more and more slowly? Here we introduce three computer skills to quick release of computer system resources:

1.Let the system automatically shut down the application failing to respond

The "AutoEndTasks string value, double-click in the pop-up" Edit String "dialog box in the Value data from" 0 "to" 1 ", close the Registry Editor, press" F5 "to refresh the entry into force.

2.Allow the system to quickly turn off the application failing to respond

Open the Registry Editor, expand the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Desktop" find the WaitToKillAppTimeout string value in the right pane, double-click in the pop-up "Edit String" dialog box in the Value data from "20000" revised to "10000" or smaller, in milliseconds, close the Registry Editor, press "F5" to refresh the entry into force. Read more

Three Methods to Improve the Performance of the NTFS File System

Three methods to improve the performance of the NTFS file system
One of the advantages of the use of NTFS  partition as a folder to set different permissions, so that distribution according to need, so that security is improved, and higher performance in order to allow the windows to NTFS file system, we have the necessary NTFS the file system have the necessary optimization.First, turn off access time scale Read more

Solution of VISTA Blue Screen Error: 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED

solution of VISTA blue screenerror : 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDError Analysis: the Windows kernel checks to an illegal or unknown the process ofinstruction, this stop code is generally caused by the problem of memory or previous 0x0000000A similar.
1.Hardware compatibility: the control frontmentioned in the latest hardware compatibility list, all hardware is included in the list

Be Careful, Do Not Let the Shock Ruin Your Hard Drive

Be careful, Do not let the shock ruin your hard drive

We all know that hard drives are mechanical products, vibration can be said is a large sworn enemy of the hard drive, hard drive internal structure is very sophisticated, head height of only a few microns away from the thousands per minute rpm disc surface, once the strong vibration will appear to read and write exception even cause the disc or head of physical damage, the consequences are quite serious.

The hard disk read and write are forbidden to move: the hard drive in case that does notwork in fact, be able to afford the collision, otherwise the drive could not be transported all over the world. But hard work, can withstand the vibration is very Read more

How to Create a Bootable Rescue USB Disk

How to Create a Bootable Rescue USB Disk

Quick Heal is a popular antivirus program that has a boot disk aspect for restarting and scanning infected or damaged computers. To make the CD boot on a USB drive is not very tricky.

1.Start Quick Heal and click on "Tools," then "Emergency CD."

2.Select "Operating System Installation CD," then click "Next."

3.Insert your USB drive in a USB port. Read more