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What is the Origin of Mother’s Day ?

Mother's Day is a  festival to thank mother.This festival first appeared in ancient Greece; modern Mother's Day originated in the United States,.It is the second Sunday in May each year.Mothers on this day usually receive gifts, carnations are as dedicated to the mother flowers.

Mother's Day tradition originated in ancient Greece.On January 8, the ancient Greeks pay tribute to the Greece Mother of the Gods Rhea( Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hera and Hestia's mother, it is called the mother of the gods) .To ancient Rome, the scale of these activities become larger, to celebrate the grand often lasted for three days. Of course, the ancient worship of the goddess is just a superstition, it is very different from today maternal respect.

The mid-17th century, the Mother's Day reached the United Kingdom, the British on the fourth Sunday in Lent as Mother's Day. On this day, away from the young people will go home to their mothers to bring some small gifts. Read more

Why does Facebook Become Less Fun as Facebook Matures ?

Many users in teens and early 20s are asking themselves as they wade through endless posts, photos “liked” by people they hardly know and unprepared friend requests.  Has it all become a lot of a chore?

“When I first got Facebook I literally thought it was the coolest thing to have. If you had a Facebook you kind of fit in better, because other people had one,” says Rachel Fernandez, 18, who first signed on to the site four or five years ago.But now? “Facebook got kind of boring,” she said.

Chatter about Facebook’s demise never seems to die down, whether it is talk of “Facebook fatigue,” or grousing about how the social media network lost its cool once grandma joined. Read more

Help You Fix Ps3 Flashing Red Light Error

When you have gotten the Ps3 flashing red light error you would want to fix this error suddenly ? But the problem of flashing red light error is difficult to solve, and for that reasons, almost anybody will let you  send your console over to Sony and pay $150 or more to fix. But because the Ps3 flashing red light of death error is hard to fix, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed by yourself.
There are some skills to help you solve the Ps3 Flashing Red Light Error.

1.Reboot your console. Read more

The Five Unique Skills for Writing Your Twitter

The Five Unique Skills for Writing Your Twitter
A lot of young people are learning to use Twitter, but how to make good use of  Twitter ? The beginning of a lot of people using the Twitter will have more or less confused. For example ,the others' Twitter flourished as a venue.but  myself do not know what to write better. Wrote a lot,but is unable to attract the attention of others.Using Twitter a long time,but the number of fans maybe is 0.It is too depressed.

In fact, writing good on Twitter  is not difficult.I think, first we must understand Twitter platform features,then we will use or play the Twitter better.
Here, I summarize  several unique skills to make good use of  Twitter, hoping to be useful to young friends.
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5 of the Most Troublesome Problem Women Give to Man

 five of the most troublesome problem women give to man

A woman in love most of the issues raised by a man, that man will always surprise. The question of woman in the eyes of these men is really a headache problems, it is a little vexatious. Would like to ask a large number of female friends: ask these questions, to vexatious really thinking about it? In fact, not entirely, since ancient times, these problems do not have a standard answer, a woman just curious how a man will give the answer, or perhaps holding the fractious state of mind to ask. For men, women encounter no need to ask the question angry, or to answer truthfully, or melt your spoiled woman spread with your inundant gentle , she will soon be tamed of you.

Problem one: Am i good-looking on with this dress in your mind? Read more

The Internet is Another Universe

The Internet is another universe.

The Internet is designed for the scientific sharing, the network structure can prevent the point or multi-point destruction still work properly.

However, the Internet has gradually get rid of the control computer and communications experts have their own independent development, become another universe, another dimension.

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65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (4)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (4)

46. What is your previous one reason for leaving?

Answered Tip:
1. The most important thing is: the candidates make to find recruiters believe that candidates in the previous units "Reason for leaving" does not exist in this hiring.
2. To avoid too detailed, too specific reasons for departure.
3. Do not doped subjective negative feelings, such as "too hard" and "complex interpersonal relations", "Management is too confusing," the company does not focus on talent, "the company exclusion of certain of our employees".
4. But can not dodge, evade, such as "want a change of environment", "personal reasons".
5. Can not involve their own negative personality traits, such as dishonesty, laziness, lack of sense of responsibility not easygoing.
6. As far as possible the reasons explained in the personal image of the candidate luster.
7. Examples: "I am leaving because of the collapse of this company; I worked for three years in the company, there are deeper feelings; from the beginning of last year, the mutations due to market conditions, the company's situation worsened; to now this step, I think Unfortunately, but also face re looking to play my ability to stage the same interview questions is not only an answer with an answer is not in any interview occasions are valid, the key candidates to master the law , to grasp the specific circumstances of the interview, and consciously try to figure out the psychological background of the interviewer to ask questions, and then match up. Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (3)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (3)

31. And you appreciate what kind of character?

Answered Tip: honest, flexible and easy to get along with people, "real action".

32. How do you normally handle criticism?

Answered Tip:
1.The silence is golden, do not say anything, otherwise the situation is worse, but I will accept constructive criticism. 2. I will wait for everyone to calm down and discuss it.

33. How you handle your failure?

The prompt answer: all of us was born perfect, I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistake. Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (2)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (2)

16. Whether to participate in a training course? Talk about the contents of training courses. Company-sponsored or at their own expense to participate in?

The prompt answer: at their own expense to participate in training courses of Jade Bird (you can talk more about their own learning techniques).

17. Do you know about our company?

Answered Tip: go to the company before the interview, check the Internet at the company's main business. If the answer: Your company intends to change its strategy to strengthen cooperation with foreign manufacturers, OEM and part of its own brand through overseas distributors.

18. Please state the motivation you choose this job?

Answered Tip: want to know the enthusiasm and understanding of the interview on this work, and filter on a whim from the examination of the person, if inexperienced, stressed that "even rank different, and also hope to have the opportunity to play before experience ".

19. What you do best direction? Read more

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (1)

65 Skills to Introduce Yourself During the Interview (1)

1. Would you please introduce yourself about your own?

Prompt answer: Most people answer this question too ordinary, just say the name, age, hobbies, work experience, these have on the resume. In fact, most want to know the job seeker's ability to perform the work, including: the strongest skills, the most in-depth knowledge of areas of research, the most active part of the personality, the most successful things done, the main achievement of these all OK and learning, and learning, but to highlight the positive personality and ability to do things right to reasonable business will not believe it. Enterprises attach great importance to the courtesy of a person's job seekers have to respect the examiner, said in answer each question a "thank you" and companies like polite job-seekers.

2. Do you think the biggest advantage is your personality?

Answered Tip: calm, well-organized, stand firm, tenacious up, helpful and caring, adaptability and sense of humor, optimism and friendliness.  Jade Bird after one to two years of training and project combat, plus internship, make me fit for the job. Read more

Piracy-Infested Japanese Adult Video Market

Piracy-infested Japanese adult video marketAccording to the police investigation in Japan, the largest source of revenue is one of the Japanese underworld underground adult video sales. In fact, it comes to the underworld adult movie sales of a Sayings: sleight of hand tricks. Although there has been talk about the many Japanese adult film companies have triad background, there is little direct access to shoot the company's own surgeon shooting the yokel rarely know the actual shooting techniques but with unlimited copy the movie to issue to get the most profit. Until replication means from VHS and other means to enter the world of the network with triad background underground adult film distributor or continue uncontrolled copy any adult films, these copies of the profits will not give original filming party, adult film to copy the traditional vendors to make money until the continuing today, whether it is Tokyo's Kabuki-cho, Osaka Namba hidden in a small way sales without amendment of the underground movie shop in Japan . Or mosaic download online so-called membership system in Japan are actually the epitome of this uncontrolled replication of the sale and purchase of adult film.

Adult film Hot Springs series


30 years ago, the kind of copy VCR copy of the very poor is not the same as the Japanese market for the pursuit of quality, has been demanding that the Japanese electrical manufacturers to improve recording technology. VHS after laser discs, and the so-called high-quality DVD, but this compact disc can not be any copy, so welcomed from Japanese vendors, until ushered in VCD and DVD era, when Japan had just developed the VCD after the Hong Kong businessman favor, because this technology is simple, repeated copy of the original DVD is not. The Japanese market also ushered in a tide-like VCD era, but for VCD cheap difficult to control the core technology, Japan has started trying very hard to develop a greater capacity DVDs, between Toshiba and Sony's development initiative of the dispute, Finally, in Japan in 2001 launched a real adult film "D  MODE", HD quality makes Japanese adult movie vendors proud to say: like cinema quality video can be copied at home.

Aoi Sora starred in Hot springs series

Aoi Sora starred in Hot springs series

Japan is now a lot of adult films, including underground vendors selling adult movie of two ways: First: from the United States and other overseas film, adult films have a lot of euphemisms and content in the Japan open, public sale, adult film has a mosaic, so that the U.S. does not mosaic, high horse-white adult films through underground channels into the Japanese become one of the major new sources of Japanese underground adult film. : Japan's exports to the domestic adult movies, many Japanese adult movies, to accept orders for overseas adult film, these films are exported to overseas, so the original version of these films should be handed over to overseas vendors, while Japan overseas sales of adult movies, be required to remove the original movie with mosaic, become a mosaic of adult movies. So the Japanese underground adult movie vendors will also get these high quality adult movies in the original (non-mosaic), bulk copy without let or hindrance into the Japanese market. Among them Iijima, "a girl in the afternoon, the original mosaic to cover sales in Japan soon, but the vendors in the Philippines requires that the sales of the film, so when shortly after the original to the vendors in the Philippines, the Japanese market also no code Iijima film, the original copyright side did not get a profit of one point. The same situation recently waited in vain actress Aoi starred in the "hot spring ping-pong" with triad background underground film Vendor little effort to get maximum profits.

Japan s adult film legend Iijima

Replication technology a master replication after 5-6 disc movie film's picture quality will become poor, the computer age, a DVD, from the first copy, layer copy, a vendor to another seller removed several times, the result is that it is not to change the quality, some shooting in order to protect their own interests and even reimbursement of genuine requirements of the underground film vendors, while providing no mosaic (in the film) the film's original. According to my survey, 90% of the Japanese sales of non-mosaic (in the movie) film from overseas exports to the domestic, like the "D? MODE" so that a specific adult movie of the story has disappeared, leaving only what The only shot of Contributors or videotaping of the Japanese adult film. Japan is now able to see the non-mosaic (in the movie) the movie certainly is one hundred percent of the piracy, rather than the entire market share of genuine piracy: 1; 30, mouth shouted to combat piracy of Japan, in fact, already is the world of piracy.

Why the Web Security Is so Frail ?

Why the Web Security Is so Frail ?

Recently U.S. security think tank Strategic Forecasting Inc said its website had been hacked and some names of corporate subscribers had been made public.

Stratfor said the breach came from an unauthorized party, while activist hacker group Anonymous claimed responsibility.
And as a result of this incident the operation of Stratfor's servers and email have been suspended.

Hackers claiming to be the group Anonymous said they had obtained around 4,000 credit card details, Read more

Top Ten Most Popular Google’s Applications in 2011

Top Ten Most Popular Google's Applications in 2011

Google's innovative spirit is well-known, then, in the about to pass 2011,which Google's applications has won the majority of users love it. The following content will offer you the top ten applications most popular among users.In 2011 Google spent a lot of effort to tease and please the readers, such as Easter eggs, fake video and Web pages, of course, the famous interactive graffiti.  Read more

Would Appearance Affect Income?

    A new publication by a financial aspects lecturer at the School of Texas-Austin explains what the world of marketing has known for many - that appeal provides. But Daniel S. Hamermesh also displays that being eye-catching gives - with excellent looking staff taking pleasure in more rewards and greater pay packages than their plainer acquaintances.

  Professor Hamermesh has researched what he represents as the financial aspects of appeal for about 20 years.In his publication Splendor Pays, publicized by New york School Click, he promises excellent looking individuals experienced rewards beyond their pay - such as celebration challenges, business take a trip and office benefits - while less eye-catching staff are neglected and can often be subjects of elegance.

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Wrong Sleep is More Dangerous Than no Sleep

We stay up late, sleep late; we also eat and drink late at night, did not realize that these acts disrupt the rhythm of sleep; as time goes on, we do not teach the body to sleep, in order to release them, want to resolve through medication , but this approach only temporarily mask the problem is not resolved, and there may be addictive. Here we sleep in the life of the formation of a misunderstanding, let us solve them right.

Myth # 1: The "long nap" to add sleep Sleep during the day too long, especially after four in the afternoon, at night when you watch TV, even a few simple style nap will be able to ruin your good night's sleep . Solution: nap time sleep less than 30 minutes If the rest is absolutely necessary, then you have to determine once and one day only to four in the afternoon before. Typically, short break will not affect, in fact, after lunch or a half hour or 20-minute lunch break, as long as four points before, in the majority of people are still useful. Read more

Ten Ultra Classic Philosophy of Life Storys

1 In the past, there are two hungry people has gain a gift of the elderly: a fishing rod and a huge basket of live fish. Among them, one to a basket of fish, another person asked for a fishing rod, so they parted ways. Get the fish were put up in situ on the campfire to cook with firewood from a fish, he devoured, there is no product out of the meaty fish, suddenly, even the fish soup which he ate, and soon, he starved to death in the empty creel. Another person is carrying a fishing rod to go hungry, hard step by step walk to the beach, but when he saw not far from the patch of blue ocean, he covered the last bit of energy also finished, He can only helplessly with endless regret doing nothing human. There are two hungry people, they also received the gift of an elderly rod and a basket of fish. But they did not go our separate ways, but agreed to work together to find the sea, They only cook a fish every time they trek through remote, came to the beach, since then, the two began a day of fishing for a living, a few years later, they built a house, with their respective families, children have their own fishing boats built, and lived a happy and peaceful life.
Inspiration: only the immediate interests of a person, will eventually get the short-lived joy; a lofty goal, but we mus Read more