What Is a Super-Computer ?

Super-computer usually means buildup by hundreds and thousands or even more processors , and can calculate the large and complex computer issues the ordinary PC and the server can not complete.To help you better understand the computational speed of super-computers we compared the normal computer operation speed of the adults' walking speed, then the super-computer reached the rocket speed. In such a computing speed of the premise that people through the numerical simulation can predict and explain the natural phenomena previously inaccessible experiments.

Super-computer technology is no longer a new topic, the United States IBM, Japan's NEC, China National Engineering Research Center for Parallel Computers have launched their own super-computer, but comparison to the team of experts led by U.S. academicians, "the father of  the World Super Turbo Blade computer, "Dr. Chen Shiqing reunification with the motherland developed super-computer still has the absolute advantage.

New generation of super-computer using turbine design, each blade is a server that can achieve working together, and may increase or decrease at any time according to application needs.A single cabinet computing capacity is up to 46 trillion times per second, in theory,the floating point operations of collaborative high-performance super-computer speed is 100 trillion times per second, the actual efficiency of high-performance computing speed tests up to 84.35%, is ranked the world's most efficient super-computers. Through advanced architecture and design, which implements the separate storage and operations to ensure that user data and information in the software system updating or CPU upgrade is unacted on any impact to protect the security of stored information ,and really achieves a maintain, long, efficient, reliable operation and the advantage easy to upgrade and maintain.

This address is http://www.computerites.com/computer-basics/2012/01/what-is-a-super-computer-344.html

This address is http://www.computerites.com/computer-basics/2012/01/what-is-a-super-computer-344.html