What is the Android mobile phone system root access?, I need it to do what? How to obtain android root access?How to use the Android root apps?
Android root is the nerve center of the phone, it can access and modify your cell phone almost all the documents, these things may be making mobile phone companies do not want to you to modify and touch things, because they are likely to affect the stability of the phone, but also easy to Some hacking (Root is the super administrator user account in Linux and other UNIX system, the account has the right of the entire system to the supreme, all the objects he has the right to operate)
Since the Android root privilege is so important, why do we need to get it?

In fact, without root privileges us many things are restricted, we can only use these permissions to do things we do is limited, we can use many android root apps,such as Google forbid we see a lot of free or paid software, we can see; Market enabler into many of my friends could not try, can not bind to Gmail, we can modify the hosts to get them, but these require root privileges (Root privileges for the system has the highest right to rule, can be convenient for system parts deleted or changed. For gamers, the biggest temptation is the Brush, only Root permission, we can be free to "re-packaging" the love machine feel the advantages of the new version of the software)
For example,when android phone connected to the computer via a USB cable, annoying sync tool will start automatically, always see the notification bar. For Windows users, the tool can synchronize, for Mac /Linux users, it's useless. There is no way to solve it? Yes!
the adb remount
adb shell rm /system /app /PCSCII *
The key here is the adb remount, this is a re-mount the partition command, so that your system partition from read-only to become readable and writable only to obtain root access may run.
The benefits of obtaining the root; How do I get?
1.Backup system
2.Advanced procedures such as Explorer
3.To modify the system's program
4.Install android apps on the SD card (the default is not supported)
The vast majority of home-made rom have access to the root If your rom does not, it is necessary to obtain.
Very important tips; remember that if your phone is licensed within the warranty, access to the right of the root will void your warranty. Do not know to this article, you have a more thorough understanding of root privileges, of course, ROOT should be based on what we need, if you are a playful, love the phone Friends of the machine, root privileges you important, but if you only use the phone to call you like, then the root is apparently nothing to do with you.

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