What is virtual memory, and how to set virtual memory?

The concept of virtual memory to physical memory when the system's physical memory space to make ends meet, the operating system on your hard drive to open up a disk space as memory usage, this part of hard disk space is called virtual memory. Win386.swp file in the form of Windows 98 and Windows 2000/XP form to manage the virtual memory page file pagefile.sys.

First, the size

1. In general

Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to let Windows manage virtual memory to automatically assign it according to the actual memory usage, dynamically adjusts the size of virtual memory.

2. on the minimum

Windows recommended minimum page file should be coupled with the current system of physical memory capacity of 1 12MB, and for users less than 256MB of physical memory capacity, it is recommended to set the minimum page file bigger:

A.to use 128MB or less memory users, it is recommended to be 1.75 times the physical memory capacity is set to the minimum page file.

B. memory size from 128MB to 256MB user, it is recommended that 1.5 times the physical memory capacity is set to the minimum page file.


In general, the maximum page file settings the bigger the better, the proposal is set to the minimum of 2-3 times.

4.extreme cases

If the hard disk space is tight, set the page file, just to ensure that it is not less than 3/4 of physical memory.
If the physical memory (> 512MB), you can disable the virtual memory.
5. According to the different tasks set

A. 3D games based environment

3D games on the CPU, graphics card and memory requirements are high, if the physical memory is less than 256MB, it is recommended that the virtual memory presets large, which is helpful for improving the stability and fluidity of the game.

B.based environment to play video

Video applications, "appetite" of hard disk space, but do not like the 3D game environment, like the virtual memory set very large, especially for Windows XP users. Because Windows XP does not automatically do not need the space freed, that is to say that Pagefiles.sys file will be growing. If you put the virtual memory and Windows XP on the same partition, play RM, ASF and other video streaming files, the system often will be prompted to set your virtual memory is too small or disk space. To view the page file has 1GB size. It is recommended that Windows XP users often enjoy the video file, the initial value set, or virtual memory to a partition other than the system disk.

Second, the setting method

Following the transfer of virtual memory where the letter as an example introduced in Windows XP virtual memory settings: Go to Open → Control Panel → System ", select the Advanced tab, click on the" performance "bar" Settings "button , select the "Advanced" tab, click on the "virtual memory" column "Change" button to enter the "Virtual Memory" window; select the system drive letter in the drive list, then check the "No paging file" option , and then click the "Settings" button; then click the other partition, select "Custom size" option in the "Initial Size" and "maximum" set the value, and then click the "Settings" button, and click the "OK" button to exit the can.

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