1.Activation * for the command: press the Alt key to activate the menu bar of the active window, the first menu of the menu bar to highlight, press the Alt key and a letter you can activate this letter on behalf of the menu item, If you press Alt + F to activate the current window "file (File) menu. In addition, the dialog box, press the Alt key and the underlined letter, you can select the option and the appropriate action.
2.To terminate a process: press CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination to pop up a "Close Program dialog box, select a process, and then click" End Task "button to quickly terminate the process. Again press the Ctrl + Alt + DEL key combination can restart the computer.
3.Pop-up drop-down list: In the dialog, you can Alt + Down arrow keys to eject the selected drop-down list, so as not to use the mouse to find and click the arrow buttons in the list box, the pain.
4.Quick View attributes: press Alt + Enter key combination to the left mouse button or hold down the Alt key while double-clicking an object (such as the right window of the Explorer folder, the file icon on the desktop, the window on the left folder can not), you can quickly open its Properties dialog box. Its role is equivalent to right click and select "Properties".
5.Switch the DOS window: Press Alt + Enter key combination to switch the MS-DOS window and full screen mode.
6.Universal capture hotkey: in the running game or other application software, when the beautiful picture appears on the screen, press Alt + PrintScreen key combination copies the contents of the currently active window or dialog box, you can put to the clipboard, and then call brush or other drawing program, select "Edit" menu item "Paste", you can bring up to a pretty picture.
7.Close the application: Press Alt + F4 key can be the quickest way to close any application without having to find and click the "exit" or "off" in the File menu or toolbar.
8.Switch applications: Hold down the Alt key and hold, then continuously press the Tab key in a dialog box showing all currently running programs icon and the icon of the currently active program its name, as long as the release of the Alt The key will be able to immediately switch to the application, called "cold switching".
9.Open the Control menu: in the application, press Alt + Spacebar can directly open the System Control menu.
10.To undo the last step: each dialog box in Windows 98, all the operation of the edit box by Alt + Backspace to undo the effect and Ctrl + Z to exactly the same. This feature also applies to Microsoft's word processing software, such as Notepad, writing, WORD and so on. Alternatively, you can use key combinations to undo file operations such as move the file or rename.
11.Switching the auxiliary option: on the specific users of the need to use the accessibility options shortcut key, the Alt key can also be helping. For example, press Left Alt + Left Shift + Printscreen key to switch the high contrast switch; press Left Alt + Left Shift + Num Lock key to switch the mouse button switch.
12.Select the text in Word, press the Alt key and then drag the mouse, compared with column selection mode (or row selection); drag the ruler or form lines, can not see accurate data If you press the Alt key and then drag or click, the availability of accurate data.

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