What Is a Computer RAM Memory ?

RAM is the Random access memory. The contents of the storage unit can demand to be removed or deposit easily. The  access speed has no relationship with the location of the storage unit. Such a memory will loss the stored contents when the power off, so it is mainly used for storing short time use program.

The speed of  the modern random access memory is almost fastest in all access equipment write and read speeds.And fetch delay is very small compared to storage devices and other mechanical operation.

The most common RAM is computer memory. PDA , Pocket PC and mobile phone are also used RAM to run the mobile operating system and program.And DC/DV in MD/MP3 player also uses the RAM to store program data or as a data buffer .

In accordance with the different stored information, random access memory is divided into the static random access memory (Static RAM, SRAM) and dynamic random access memory (Dynamic RAM, DRAM).SRAM speed is very fast, is the current  fastest read and write storage device and does not need to refresh, but it is also very expensive and the volume is big.  So only require in very harsh place, such as the Level 1 Cache and Level 2 Cache of CPU.

The type of DRAM are too many.The common types are DRAM,FPRAM,EDORAM,SDRAM,DDR RAM,DDR SDRAM,VRAM,SGRAM and WRAM etc..For example now the memory of the computer we used has been the DDR3.

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