We all may meet the situation that when we open more programs or playing games ,the computer suddenly became blue screen and displayed "beginning dump of physical memory".It will affect our mood.How to fix this  Physical Memory Dump problem ?

First we should know what to cause this problems.There are several reasons to cause this physical memory dump error in Windows 7 and Windows XP.Then you can try to solve the problem using corresponding method.

1.You had run to many programs at the same time . Makes operating system memory scheduling error.You try to run fewer programs without any large programs or add more additional RAM even replace the RAM.Then observe if the physical memory dump problem remains same.

2.The graphics card was breakdown and can not running normally.The problem of graphics card also will cause the physical memory dump error.Then we need replace a good graphics card.Then the error may be  solved.

3.Errors in the Windows registry.This is really a much more complicated problem to cope with. But the solution is very easy. The registry is the most vital component of your computer. The registry contains settings and data to run all software and hardware on our computers. When there are errors within the registry it disrupts the computers ability to communicate.You must dowload any registry softs to fix the registry errors .

If you had not fix the problem using the methods above , you just can resetup your operating system.

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