Easy Steps to Share a Printer in Windows XP and Windows 7

Sometimes you need share a printer in Windows XP and Windows 7,or share XP printer with Windows 7 .When you sharing the printer you may meet any problems.So there are the easy steps to share a printer in Windows XP or Windows 7.

1. The first step is to insure that all the computers are working in a same network. It can also be the same WLAN. After that, you should also make sure that the printer has also connected to the computer that you want to claim as the main home group. Make sure the printer is power on.

2.Connect the printer to the computer and turn on the printer.Click the "Control Panel" into the "Printers and Faxes", click the right button and select "Add Printer" command in blank space, open the Add Printer Wizard window. Select "Local printer attached to this computer" and check the "Automatically detect and install Plug and Play printer" check box.

3.The computer will conduct a new printer detection, and soon will find the connected printer, follow the prompts put driver CD  that came with the printer into your CD-ROM drive,after the installation of  printer driver,the printer icon will appear in the Printers and Faxes folder.

4.In the newly installed printer icon, click the right button and select "share" command, open the printer's Properties dialog box, switch to the "Sharing" tab, select "Share this printer", and fill in the shared name in the "Share name" input box, such as HP 5200Lx, click "OK" button to complete the shared set.

Now, the work of the host we have all completed, the following is necessary to configure the client need to use the share printer. We assume that the client is also Windows XP operating system. You must remember that if you want to use a shared printer in the network, each computer must be installed the printer driver.

1.Click Start → Settings → Printers and Faxes, start the Add Printer Wizard, select "network printer" option.

2.The "specified printer "page provides several ways to add a network printer. If you do not know the specific path of the network printer, you can choose "Browse for a printer" option to find the computer installed shared printer in the LAN within the same workgroup, and then select the printer and click OK button.

3.At this time, the system will need you to re-enter the shared printer name, after that click the "Next" button, then click the "Finish" button.If the host computer has set a shared password, here need type the password. Finally, we can see  the shared printer icon in client computer "Printers and Faxes" folder, here our network printer installation is completed.

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