With Windows 8 officially released, more and more users want to install this latest Microsoft operating system. But ISO image files downloaded from the Internet, need to use tools such as Nero or IMGBurn to burn a CD-ROM to install.Can we use U disk to install Windows 8 ?

In fact, we only need a tool of making boot U disk, then you can quickly and easily use the U disk to install Windows 8 operating system. For users, the U disk installed Windows 8, not only easy to carry and install faster.

Below, I will share with you make Windows 8 boot U disk. For starters, to convert the Windows 8 ISO file into a U boot disk manually needs a lot of steps, there are some difficulties. In fact, few years ago Microsoft has released a very simple automatic conversion tools Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool .This software greatly facilitates this operation. Users only need to run this software, select the downloaded Windows 8 ISO file, and select to make USB flash drives, the program will automatically start to make the Windows 8 installation U disk can boot.

1.Select the DVD image ISO file of Windows 8.

Using a U Disk to Install Windows 8 Boot Disk

2.Select the type you want to create, "USB Device" refers to the U disk, mobile hard disk,DVD refers "burn disc".


Using a U Disk to Install Windows 8 Boot Disk

3.Insert U disk ,and then select the drive letter of the U disk.The time of the process of making are as long as 7-10 minutes.

Using a U Disk to Install Windows 8 Boot Disk

After the end of the production, the user can directly use the U disk as a boot disk to install Windows 8 operating system. Of course, if you want to use U disk to install Windows 8, your computer must support U disk start, the user needs to modify the BIOS boot option. In addition, before making the Windows 8 U boot disk you should backup U disk files, because the production will format the U disk,you will loss all the files.

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