Yesterday  i changed my Windows 7 user password but today unfortunately i forgot my administrator password.So i want to recover my password.Maybe most people will meet this problem.Now i share some ways to recover or reset the administrator password.

1.Use the Administrator Blank password.

Many users do not use the administrator account,so now you can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete ,it will jump out of the account window.You can type administrator in the user name,and press enter to login the Windows 7 system.It is the easiest way to recover the password.

2.Forget the password, but you have logged in the system.

It is also an easy way.You should press Win+R and type mmc.exe to enter the Console Window.Open "File" ->"Add/Remove Snap-in".On the left "Available snap-in" you can find the "Local Users and Groups".Click "Add" and "Complete".Expand the Local Users and Groups in Root node of the Console.Right-click "User" and select "Set Password" ,then you can type the New password without the original password.

3.Use the "Safe mode with command line".

Press F8 when the computer boots.Choose the Safe mode with command line.Select Administrator and in the jumped "Command Prompt" type "net user abcd/add" and "net localgroup administrators abcd/add ". Then you can use the abcd to login the Windows 7 system without password.Now you can delete and reset the original password.

4.Forgot the password, can not log in to the system.

Find a Windows PE cd-rom and start the computer with the Windows PE cd-rom.Enter the c:\windows\system32.
(1)Change the owner of Magnify.exe and cmd.exe to administrators.
(2)Change the permission of Magnify.exe and cmd.exe to full control.
(3)Rename Magnify.exe to Magnify.exe1 and rename cmd.exe to Magnify.exe.
Restart the computer to Windows 7 and enable Magnifier.Then type "net user abcd/add" and "net localgroup administrators abcd/add ".Now you can use the new password to login the Windows 7 system.At last do not forget to recover the files name.


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