Sometimes our computer alarms when booting,it means some error occured.If we can understand the alarms we can know what is the wrong with the computer.There are some reasons for the bios alarm.


1 short beep:Memory refresh failed. Replace the memory.

2 short beeps:Memory ECC errors in testing. In the CMOS Setup Menu,set the memory on the ECC check option to Disabled.But the best way is to replace the memory.

4 short beeps:System clock error.

3 short beeps:System basic memory check failed. Replace the memory.

5 short beeps:CPU errors.

6 short beeps:Keyboard controller errors.

8 short beeps:Display memory errors. Display memory problems, replace the video card.

7 short beeps:Real mode system error, you can not switch to protected mode.

9 short beeps:BIOS chip checksum errors.

1 long 3 short beeps:Memory errors. Memory is damaged, replace the memory .

1 long 8 short beeps:Display test error. Monitor cable not plugged in or the graphics card is not inserted firmly.


Award BIOS

1 short beep:System boots normally.It means the computer has not any problem.

2 short beeps:General error, enter the CMOS Setup, reset the incorrect option.

1 long 1 short beeps:Memory or motherboard error.Replace the memory or motherboard.

1 long 3 short beeps:Keyboard controller error. Please check the motherboard.

1 long 2 short beeps:Monitor or graphics card errors.

1 long 9 short beeps:Motherboard Flash RAM or EPROM errors, the BIOS damages.Replace the BIOS chip.

Uninterrupted long beeps:Memory is not seated or damaged. Reseat the memory or replace the memory.

Phoenix BIOS

1 short beep:System boots normally.

1 short 1 short 1 short beep:System failed to initialize.

1 short 2 short 1 short beep:System clock errors.

1 short 1 short 3 short beep:CMOS or battery failure.

4 short 3 short 1 short beep:Memory errors.

1 short 1 short 4 short beep:ROM BIOS checksum errors.

3 short 2 short 4 short beep:Keyboard controller errors.

4 short 4 short 2 short beep:Parallel port errors.

3 short 3 short 4 short beep:Display memory errors.

4 short 2 short 1 short beep:Clock errors.

3 short 4 short 2 short beep:Display errors.

4 short 2 short 2 short beep:Shutdown errors.

1 short 1 short 2 short beep:Motherboard errors.

4 short 4 short 1 short beep:Serial port errors.

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