Can Not Remember the Blue Screen Error Code? Teach You to See the Blue Screen log

Through the error code of blue screen,we can judge the problem of the computer.But it disappeared soon, most people can not remember the error code.
In fact, windows system error every time, there will be a corresponding log is recorded, just find the log to analyze,we can find the reason of blue screen easily.

Method 1: Find the log, Windows XP and Windows 7 is almost the steps

Right-click My Computer->Attribute->Advanced(Windows 7 is under the Advanced system settings),select Startup and Recovery settings. The log of blue screen may be in the Minidump folder,or may be MEMORY.DMP file, we can judge here.
At the bottom of this interface, there will be a path, if the display is: small memory dump (64K), the corresponding path is% SystemRoot%\Minidump, blue screen logs stored in the Minidump folder under the Windows directory.
If it is Vista or Windows 7, that is in the MEMORY.DMP file under Windows folder .

Method 2: find a log viewer software
The log file of blue screen ,is only viewed with special software,I tried to use TXT but failed. Propose to use the Microsoft official WinDbg, download address:

Install Debugging Tools for Windows 32-bit Version
Install Debugging Tools for Windows 64-bit Version

The two corresponding 32-bit and 64-bit system, click in can download the latest version.

Method 3: Check and analyze the log

Running WinDbg ->open crash dump, you can open the log file,and view the error code of blue screen. But this time you can not see which program is causing the blue screen.You also need to enter "!analyze -v" below WinDbg, remember to bring the exclamation point, then it displays all the log files.

If you can not read the log, it is recommended to see the bottom of the log directly, there will be a program name behind IMAGE_NAME, this procedure is caused blue screen. Search the file name + blue screen, generally will find the roots of the problem.

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