How to shutdown a computer remotely?We have the computer skills to use the shutdown command, we can not only log off users, shut down or restart your computer, you can also achieve time shutdown, remote shutdown.

The command syntax is as follows:

shutdown [-i |-l |-s |-r |-a] [-f] [-m [\ \ ComputerName]] [-t xx] [-c "message"] [-d [p]: xx : yy]

Among them, the meaning of each parameter are:

-I Display GUI dialog box.This must be the first option.
-L Log off current user
-M ComputerName priority.
-S Shutdown the computer.
-R Shutdown and restart computer.
-G Shutdown and restart computer.After system restart,restart all registed applications (just Win7)
-A Stop off. In addition to-l and ComputerName, the system will ignore the other parameters. In the overtime period, you can only use-a.
-F Forces running applications to close.
-H dormancy the computer (just Win7)
-M [\\ComputerName] Specifies the computer to shut down.
-T xx will be used to shut down the system timer is set to xx seconds.The default value is 20 seconds.
-C "message" specified in the "system shutdown" window "message" field shows the message. Can use up to 127 characters. The message must be included in quotes.
-D [p]: xx: yy Lists the code cause the system shut down.

First, we look at some of the basic usage of the command:

1.log off current user
shutdown - l
This command can only be written off the user in local computer , the remote computer does not apply.

2.shut down the local computer
shutdown - s

3.restart the local computer
shutdown - r

4.time shutdown
shutdown - s -t 30
Specify turn off automatically after 30 seconds the computer.
5. the suspension of the computer's shutdown

Sometimes we set a computer time shutdown, if for some reason wants to cancel the shutdown, you can use the shutdown - a to abort. Such as:

shutdown -s -t 300 Set computer shutdown in 5 minutes.
Shutdown -a cancel the shutdown.

These are the shutdown command in the machine some of the basic application. We have already introduced, in addition to close the command to restart the local computer , more importantly, it can operate on the remote computer, but how to shut down a computer remotely?

The format of the command, there is a parameter [-m [\\ComputerName],it can specify the computer name that will be shut down or restart ,if it is omitted, then the default is the operation for the local machine . You can try the following command:

shutdown -s -m \\mycomputer -t 30

Within 30 seconds shut down the computer named mycomputer.
Note: mycomputer is the name of a same LAN computer with Windows XP.

However, the command is executed, the computer mycomputer has no response, but the screen is prompted "Access is denied."Why does this happen? The original default in Windows XP security policy, only the Administrators group have the right to shut down the computer remotely, and the general circumstances of our other computers from the LAN to access the computer has only guest privileges, so when We execute the above command, we will have "access denied" situation. After finding the root of the problem, the solution is simple, you just give the guest user on the client computer (the computer can be remotely shut down, such as the above mycomputer)right to access a remote shutdown . It can use Windows XP's "Group Policy" or"management tool" in the "Local Security Policy" to achieve. Here the "Group Policy" introduces an example:

1.Click the "Start" button, select "Run" in the dialog box, enter "gpedit.msc", then click "OK" to open the Group Policy Editor.

2.In the "Group Policy" in the left pane of the window progressively expand "Computer Configuration" → "Windows Settings" → "Security

Settings" → "Local Policies" → "User Rights Assignment."

3.In the "Group Policy" window on the right pane, select "Force shutdown from a remote system", by double-clicking to open it.

4.In the dialog box shows the current only "Administrators" group member was entitled to remote shut down; the bottom of the dialog box click the "Add User or Group" button, and then in the new pop-up dialog box, enter "guest" , and then click "OK" button.
5.When the property that "force shutdown from a remote system" will add a "guest" user, click "OK" button.

6.Close the "Group Policy" window. Through this operation, we would give the computer mycomputer guest user granted permission to remote shutdown. Later, if you want to remotely shut down the computer mycomputer, as long as the network of other computers with Windows XP, enter the following command:

shutdown -s -m \\mycomputer -t 30 (use of other parameters as above)

Then, in mycomputer's screen will display a "System Shutdown" dialog box that prompts "system will shut down, please save all work is running, then log off. Unsaved changes will be lost off.Shutdown initialized from mycomputer\guest. "there is a timer in the bottom of the dialog to show off how much time left. Waiting for the shutdown time, the user can also perform other tasks, such as closing the program, open files, but can not close the dialog box, unless you use the "shutdown -a" command to abort the task.
The computer skills how to shut down a computer remotely are for the windows xp,but in win7 we can use it the same,even more functions.

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