Sometimes we start computer we will found that "NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart" .But how to solve this problem, here is a computer skill solve it without any other tools.
First let's know what is NTLDR.NTLDR is a hide readonly system file.Locate in the system root directory.NTLDR is the booting file in WIN NT system.If this file is not found or broken,system will display "NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart" and can not access the system.

How to solve NTLDR file is missing?
NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart1.The NTLDR file missing in WINDOWS XP has the most simple solution does not require any other tools.

1.Start the computer in any other way .
2.Use the DIR NTLDR /S command to find files from the backup file. The path is relatively long, mutatis mutandis, jot down the line to the root directory.
3.The key is  how to write to disk, not COPY end and leave, you must perform DEBUG NTLDR command. Command line to execute the command write W, Q command exits. So as to ensure real written to disk.
4.Restart.It's ok.

2.Repair Windows XP start system

1.Set in the BIOS boot the computer using the CD-ROM drive.
2.Insert the Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM drive to start the computer.
3.The disc will run automatically to stop at three options, press [R] select repair your computer will be asked to enter which system, choose the Windows XP code, then enter the Administrator password ( enter the same Administrator password when installing) If no password can directly press the Enter key
4.At C:\Windows>, type Fixboot and press [Y] to confirm
5.At C:\Windows>, type CD\
6.At C:\> type ATTRIB-H NTLDR
7.At C:\> type ATTRIB-S NTLDR
8.At C:\> type ATTRIB-R NTLDR
12.At C: \> type COPY X:\I386\NTLDR C:\ Note: X: is the CD-ROM drive
13,At C:\> type COPY X:\I386\NTDETECT.COM C:\
14.After removing Win XP CD and type the [Exit] will restart the computer
15.Select in the BIOS, restart your computer from hard drive

3.Copy a correct NTLDR file from anywhere to the system root directory by booting with WINPE or DOS system.

You can download the corret NTLDR file here

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