◆ Error analysis: The main problem is the driver, defective or incompatible hardware and software caused. From a technical point of view. That there is in the kernel mode level of process requests (IRQL) do not have permission to access the memory address accessed.

◇ Solution: Use the solution described above in 2,3,5,8,9 program try to exclude.

2,0 x00000012: TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWN

◆ Error analysis: If you encounter this error message, then it is unfortunate, should KeBudCheck analysis The result is an error for an unknown reason.

◇ Solution: Since Microsoft do not help, it depends on your own, please be careful when I recall this error occurs; the first time it happens, what you do on the system operation; what happens when the ongoing operation of these information to identify possible causes, so select the appropriate solutions to try to exclude.


◆ Error analysis: This memory management error is often caused by hardware, such as: installation of new hardware, memory itself has problems.

◇ Solution: If you are there when Windows is installed, it may be because you computer where Windows is installed less than minimum memory and disk requirements.


◆ Error analysis: Windows kernel checks to process an illegal or unknown instruction, the stop code is a general problem with the front 0x0000000A memory or similar causes.

◇ Solution: (1) Hardware Compatibility question: Please control mentioned earlier the latest hardware compatibility list to see if all hardware is included in the list. (2) problems of the device driver, system service or memory conflicts and interrupt conflict: If the blue screen message appears in the name of the driver, please try to install the Recovery Console mode or to disable or remove drivers, and disable all just installed the drivers and software. If the error occurs during system startup, please enter the safe mode, blue screen message will indicate in the file rename or delete. (3) If the error message clearly states that Win32K.sys: most likely caused by third-party remote control software, you need Recovery Console from the software services will be closed. (4) In the first reboot after installing Windows when: the maximum possible suspects, the system partition disk space or BIOS compatibility problem (5) If it is turned off when a piece of software: the software is the most likely to survive when defects in the design, upgrade or uninstall it.

5,0 x00000023: FAT_FILE_SYSTEM 0x00000024: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM

◆ Error analysis: 0x00000023 usually occurs in the read and write FAT16 or FAT32 file system, system partition, which is due to 0x00000024 error NTFS.sys file (the driver's role is to allow file system to read and write using . (NTFS file system disk), which is likely to be two blue screen errors inherent in the physical disk damage, or interrupt request packet (IRP) damage caused. Other reasons include: too much hard disk fragmentation; file read write too often, and the data is very large or because of some disk mirroring software, or antivirus software caused.

◇ Solution: Step one: First, open a command prompt, run "Chkdsk / r" (note: not CHKDISK, feeling like this, but they refer to the content is not the same) command to check and repair disk errors, if the report there are bad sectors (Bad Track), please check with hard drive manufacturers provide tools for inspection and repair. Step two: Disable and then All the software even if the scanned documents, such as: anti-virus software, firewall, or backup tool Step 3: Right-click the C: \ winnt \ system32 \ drivers \ fastfat.sys file and select "Properties" to see if their version of the current system consistent with the Windows version (Note: If it is XP, it should be C: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers \ fastfat.sys) Step four: Install the latest motherboard drivers, especially IDE drive if your drive can beRemovable Storage also provides a driver, it is best to upgrade them to the latest version.

6,0 x00000027: RDR_FILE_SYSTEM

◆ Error analysis: the causes of this error is difficult to judge, but a problem with Windows memory management is likely to result in the shutdown code there.

◇ Solution: If the memory management reasons, usually to increase the memory will solve the problem. 7,0 x0000002EATA_BUS_ERROR

◆ Error analysis: system memory memory parity error, usually because of defective memory (including physical memory, two cache or memory card) when the device driver to access memory address does not exist causes such as addition, the hard disk is damaged by virus or other problems to occur this stop code.

◇ Solution: (1) Check for viruses (2) Use "chkdsk / r" command to check all the disk partitions (3) with Memtest86 memory testing software such as checking the memory (4) Check the hardware is installed correctly, such as: whether the firm, whether finger stains. 8,0 x00000035: NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS

◆ error analysis: understood literally, when the driver should be a stack or some software problem. In fact, the real reason for this failure, when the driver should survive in this issue, there are quality problems or memory.

◇ Solution: Please use the earlier The conventional solution with drivers and memory-related programs for exclusion.

9,0 x0000003F: NO_MORE_SYSTEM_PTES

◆ Error analysis: a memory management system-related errors, such as: As a result of a large number of input / output operations, resulting in emergence of memory management Problem: Defective driver does not correctly use memory resources; an application (such as: backup software) is assigned such a large amount of kernel memory.

◇ Solution: Uninstall all the latest software installed (especially those that enhance the performance diskapplications and antivirus software) and drivers.


◆ Error analysis: usually caused by the hardware drivers.

◇ Solution: Uninstall recently installed the driver and this failure is rare, has been known , in the use of certain software company will appear, in which the culprit is Falstaff.sys file (author not afraid of legal action, Well, the company's Web site published)


◆ Error analysis: a problemmemory (including physical memory, secondary cache memory), incompatible software (mainly remote control and antivirus software), the corrupted NTFS volume problem and the hardware (such as: PCI card itself is damaged), and this will cause this error.

◇ Solution: Use the solution described above with conventional memory, software, hardware, hard drives and other related programs to be ruled out. If the computer is installed in the maxdos (or a boot disk with maxdos) can also command mode, simply delete the C drive page file.

12,0 x00000051: REGISTRY_ERROR

◆ Error analysis: This stop code shows the registry or system configuration manager error, due to physical damage to the hard disk itself or file system problems, resulting in a reading registration documents of an input / output error.

◇ Solution: Use "chkdsk / r" to check and repair disk errors.


◆ Error analysis: Description of the main drive in fault-tolerant set of error.?

◇ Solution: First, try to restart the computer to see if that fixes it, if not, try "Last Known Good Configuration" to solve.


◆ Error analysis: a very important system services due to start recognition.

◇ Solution: If the installed a new hardware with new, you can remove the hardware, and check whether it is through the online list is compatible with Windows 2K/XP, and then start the computer, or if the blue screen appears, use the "Last Known Good Configuration" to start Windows, or if this fails, it is recommended to repair the installation or reinstall.


◆ Error analysis: This error usually appears when Windows starts, usually by a faulty driver or corrupted system file caused.

◇ Solution: We recommend using the Windows installation CD to repair the system installation.


◆ Error analysis: generally because a driver is a complete input / output operations, it did not properly release the memory occupied by run:regedt32, find [HKLM\SYSTEM\Currentcontrol set\control\session manager\memory management], at right dbw"TrackLockedPages", 1.'>

◇ Solution: First step: Click Start -> Run: regedt32, find the [HKLM \ SYSTEM \ Currentcontrol set \ control \ session manager \ memory management], in the right side of the new DWORD value "TrackLockedPages", a value of 1. so that Windows will re-appear in the wrong track to which driver is the problem. Step Two: If the blue screen appears again, then the error message becomes: STOP: 0x0000000CB (0xY, 0xY, 0xY, 0xY) DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS the fourth a "0xY" will appear as the problem driver's name, and then to update or delete the third step: to enter the registry, delete the added "TrackLockedPages".


◆ Error analysis: the need to use the kernel data is not in physical memory, virtual memory, or be found This error is often the disk in question, the corresponding erosion data corruption or virus.

◇ Solution: Use anti-virus software to scan the system; use "chkdsk / r" command to check and repair disk errors If not then use the disk tools to check the repair vendor.


◆ Error analysis: This error is often the kernel virtual memory data can not be read into memory making. may be due to the virtual memory page file has bad clusters virus , disk controller error, memory problems.

◇ Solution: First, upgrade to the latest virus database with antivirus software killing the virus, if the information there 0xC000009C or 0xC000016A code, then that is the result of bad clusters, and the system disk detection tool can not automatically repair, this time to enter the "Recovery Console", with "chkdsk / r" command to manually repair.


◆ Error analysis: Windows during the boot process can not access the system partition or boot volume. general After replacing the motherboard in first start, mainly because the new motherboard and old motherboard's IDE controller uses a different chipset cause sometimes it may be a virus or hard disk damage caused.

◇ Solution: generally just use the installation CD-ROM to start the computer, and then perform a repair installation to solve the problem for the virus can use the DOS version of the killing of anti-virus software . If the hard disk itself a problem, please install it to another computer, and then Use "chkdsk / r" to check and repair disk errors. If the problem is the BIOS settings, BIOS settings IDE mode as long as you can.


◆ Error analysis: The system process error, but Windows can not catch the error handler. Its causes are many, including: hardware compatibility problem driver or system service, or some software.

◇ Solution: Please use the "Event Viewer" to get more information from that source of the error. ( Oh, that does not seem to solve, it seems everyone here has to be self-reliant!)


◆ Error analysis: generally due to hardware problems (for example: memory) or some software caused sometimes overclocking will produce this error .

◇ Solution: use detection software (such as: Memtest86) Check the memory, if you were overclocking, please cancel the overclocking. the PCI hardware card slot pull down from the board, or replace the slot. In addition, some motherboards (eg: nForce2 board) during overclocking, South Bridge chips overheating can lead to blue screen, then increase the heat sink for the chip alone can often be an effective solution to the problem.

22,0 x00000080: NMI_HARDWARE_FAILURE

◆ Error analysis: there is usually caused by hardware. (blue screen appears have been plagued with hardware error)

◇ Solution: If you recently installed new hardware, remove it and try to replace the slot and install the latest drivers, if you upgrade the drivers, restored the original version; check whether there is memory pollution and damage to the finger; scan for viruses; run "chkdsk / r" to check and repair disk errors; check all the hardware card has been inserted firmly. If the above attempts have no effect, you have to find a professional computer repair company requests help.


◆ Error analysis: kernel-level application generates an error, but Windows error handler did not catch usually is a hardware compatibility error.

◇ Solution: Upgrade drivers or upgrade BIOS.


◆ Error analysis: generally caused by hardware. generally because of overclocking or hardware problems (memory, CPU, bus, power supply).

◇ Solution: If you were overclocking, please lower the CPU frequency of the original, check the hardware.


◆ Error analysis: there is often associated with power relations, often in power-related operations, such as: shutdown, standby or off to sleep.

◇ Solution: reinstall the system, if not resolved, replace the power supply.

26,0 x000000A5 : ACPI_BIOS_ERROR ◆ Error analysis: usually because the motherboard BIOS does not fully support the ACPI specification.

◇ Solution: If there is no corresponding BIOS upgrade, you can install Windows 2K/XP, when the emergence of "press F6 if you need to install a third- party SCSI or RAID driver "prompt, press the F7 key, so that Windows will automatically prevent the installation of ACPI HAL, and install Standard PC HAL.


◆ Error analysis: This Stop message indicates that Windows could not start because the graphics driver, thus unable to enter the graphical interface, usually the problem is the graphics card or video card hardware conflict exists with (eg: with parallel or serial port conflicts).

◇ Solution: Safe Mode see if the problem is resolved, if possible, please upgrade to the latest  graphics driver, if not, it is likely that there is a conflict with the parallel port card, you need to safe mode press WIN + break key combination to open the "System Properties" in the Hardware -> Device Manager, find and double-click the connection print the LPT1 port option in the "Resources" tab to cancel the "Use automatic configuration" the check, then "Input / Output Range" and "03BC" to "0378".


◆ error analysis: a driver attempts to write data to the read-only memory, resulting usually in the installation of a new driver, system service or upgrade the device firmware program.

◇ Solution: If the error message contains file name the driver or service, please use this information to the newly installed driver or software uninstall or disable.

29,0 x000000C2: BAD_POOL_CALLER

◆ Error analysis: a core layer of the process or driver incorrectly attempted to enter the memory operation. usually drive there is a software program or caused by BUG.

◇ Solution: Please refer to the conventional solutions described above related items excluded.


◆ Error analysis: usually caused by faulty drivers or system services caused.

◇ Solution : Please refer to the conventional solutions described above related items excluded.


◆ Error analysis: usually caused by a driver is causing the problem (such as Logitech MouseWare 9.10 Logitech mouse driver version 9.24 and this will lead to failure) At the same time, defective memory, virtual memory, file damage, some software (such as multimedia software, antivirus software, backup software, DVD playback software) can also cause this error.

◇ Solution: Check the latest drivers to install or upgrade procedures (if blue screen appears "acpi.sys" and other similar file name can be very sure the problem is the driver), and software; test whether memory problems; into "Recovery Console", go to the virtual memory page file Pagefile.sys where the partition, execute "del pagefile.sys" command to delete the page file; and then in the page file partition implementation "chkdsk / r" command; into the Windows virtual memory after a reset, if encountered the blue screen in the Internet, and you precisely during the download and upload large amounts of data (such as: online games, BT download), then the network card driver is the problem, needed to upgrade its driver.


◆ Error analysis: generally by the video card or graphics card caused by the driver.

◇ Solution: upgrade to the latest video card driver first, if not, you need to replace the video card test if the problem still occurs. 33,0 x000000ED: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME

◆ Error analysis: generally caused due to a disk error, and sometimes also recommended Check the hard disk connection is bad, or not used in line with the hard drive transfer cable specifications, for example, still use the ATA-100 ATA-33 connection cable, low-speed hard drive does not matter, but the high-speed hard drive (supports ATA-66 and above)more stringent requirements, specifications, sometimes the connection does not cause the failure of these no way to boot, if after the repair, or often this error is likely to be hard drive failure can be predicted.

◇ Solution: Under normal circumstances, will restart solve the problem, no matter what are the implementation of recommendations "chkdsk / r" command to check the repair hard disk


◆ Error analysis: the kernel level error checking to the suspension system, such as: a device does not release the finished occupied interrupt. Usually this is caused by a defect of the driver.

◇ Solution: upgrade or uninstall the latest hardware drivers installed.

35,0 x00000135: UNABLE_TO_LOCATE_DLL

◆ Error analysis: generally indicates that a file is missing or corrupted, or is registered Table error.

◇ Solution: If a file is missing or damaged, usually in the blue screen will display the corresponding information in the file name, you can find other computers through the network or the appropriate file, and copy it to the system folder under the SYSTEM32 subfolder. If no file name, it is likely that the registry is damaged, please use the System Restore or a backup to restore the previous registry.


◆ Error analysis: user-mode subsystem,such as Winlogon or the customer service run-time subsystem (CSRSS) is damaged, it can not guarantee security, system will not start sometimes, when the system administrator incorrectly modify the user account privileges, resulting in the system can not access files and folders .

◇ Solution: use the "Last Known Good Configuration", if invalid, use the installation CD to repair the installation.


◆ Error analysis: usually due to driver or system DLL file corruption caused. in general , the blue screen will appear in the file name. sys files 3. rename it, such as: XXXintelppm.sys 4. restart.

1. Important to regularly back up the registry files manually, to avoid system error, the failure to replace the backup file and have irreparable error.

2. Try to avoid non-normal shutdown, reducing the loss of important documents. Such as. VxD. DLL files, hard disk damage or loss of system boot files.

3. For ordinary users, as long as normal operation, there is no need to upgrade the video card, motherboard BIOS and drivers, to avoid the damage upgrade.

4. Regular checks to optimize system files, run the "System File Checker" checks and the versions for the file is missing proof. See the previous inspection procedures related presentations.

5. Reduce unwanted software installation, do not try to uninstall or manually delete the program to reduce illegal replace files and point to errors.

6. If it is not particularly large and its memory management program is very good, try to avoid a large program to run, if you find that when listening to MP3 Lara rustling sound, which can be determined that the failure was caused by the memory.

7. Regularly use antivirus software completely scans, cleans viruses.

8. Not some unfamiliar site, on the site with some pictures and some of the temptation of winning the news, do not click.

9.Periodically upgrade the operating system, software and drivers.

The complete error code in windows blue screen of death

The complete error code in windows blue screen of death (part2)


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