How to reduce image size without losing quality ?We can use Image Optimizer to achieve it.

Image Optimizer is designed to allow you to create the smallest possible JPEG, GIF and PNG image files. Savings of up to 50% or more in file size are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times, save on disk space and reduce bandwidth charges.Image Optimizer achieves this by giving the user complete interactive control of the entire optimization process, from changing compression settings to the ability to apply these to some areas of the image more than others.

1.Open an image file by clicking on the Open button and selecting a file you wish to Optimize. Ensure the Compress mode button is down.

image optimizerimage optimizer

2. On the Compress Image Control Palette first select the best file format for your image.

  • JPEG images are best suited to photographic pictures.
  • GIF images are best suited to simple pictures with few colors e.g. line drawings or text.

3. For a JPEG you can add MagiCompression to further compress the image. Either click the wand button  or drag the MagiCompress slider to the right.

image optimizer

4. Move the top slider on the Compress Image Control Palette to the left to compress the image. Adjust the setting to give the best compromise between file size and quality.

5. For a GIF you may need to add dithering. Slide the dithering slider to the right to improve the appearance of the image.

6. Finally save the image by pressing the Save As button  and selecting a name and location for the Optimized file.

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