the Computer Skill to Solve Cannot Delete File and Folder in Window 7

Many friends have encountered the problem.If in Windows 7 a process is calling the file, then the file will not be deleted.Such the problems are common.For example,before you use Word to open the "d:\a.doc" file, now delete the file, but found it impossible to remove.Pop up a dialog box that prompts the operation can not be completed,you cannot delete the file.We can solve this as follows.

First,right-click the Taskbar and select Start Task Manager.Choose the "Performance" tab, then click the bottom right of the "Resource Monitor" button to bring up the "Resource Monitor" console.
Then,in the "Resource Monitor" click into the "CPU" tab ,in the handle right of the "associated handle", enter "a.doc", the system will automatically search for the process handle associated with a.doc , locate and display in the following.For example the process searched is Winword.exe,means Word.exe process is calling a.doc file,so you can not delete the file.
Last,to delete the a.doc, right-click the process calling it (such as Winword.exe), select "End Process" in pop-up menu.And then you can delete a.doc in the folder, Here we just take only one instance as a.doc for these troubleshooting skills, and other stubborn file deletion method is similar.

And we can not delete folder because the folder is the system folder such as System Volume Information,otherwise it has the file can not delete.Delete the file as the depiction above first,then you can delete the folder.But in Windows 7 you will find you can not delete windows.edb file.

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