Many computers are installed two operating systems ,but how to install Windows XP over windows 7 ? There are two methods.

First method: brand new install with the XP installation CD.

First, you need to prepare a primary partition to install XP system. Recommended in Windows 7 system, use the Disk Manager to create a capacity of not less than 10GB primary partition.Restart the computer  by Windows XP installation CD and then install, the installation method is similar to install XP system.

Problems that need attention:
1.Because Window 7 has occupied the two partitions by default (100MB hidden system partition and system partition ), for selecting the installing location, please select the partition according to the actual situation .

2.Since the partition is created which in Windows 7, so XP installation program does not recognize, so you need to format again in the next step operation.
After installation is complete, will only enter the XP system, then the need for further manual configuration to restore the boot menu.
Start the computer with thr Windows 7 installation disc , when carried to the "Install now" step, select the "Repair your computer", until "System Recovery Options" menu appears.

Select "Command Prompt", then in the pop-up window enter the following command (click enter key after each command , if the screen returns "operation completed successfully" message, then continue typing the next command, otherwise just check the input is whether wrong and re-enter):
bcdedit /create {ntldr} -d "Windows XP"
bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=D:
bcdedit /set {ntldr} path \ntldr
bcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlast
Restart the computer after all command has run, you can see the Boot menu (Note:"D:" is the partition for XP, you can change it according to practical situation).

Second method:install using Ghost image

I believe that many users have habit of making Ghost image backup and system installation CD.Compared to using XP installation CD to install, use XP Ghost image file to install should be more simple . Only need to configure boot menu after restored XP system.
The same way as above, the first in Windows 7 prepare a primary partition used to restore XP. Then use the appropriate CD-ROM tool to start the computer , and restore XP Ghost image file to the primary partition prepared.
Upon completion, there is no start menu,the next only boot to Windows 7. It does not matter, as a system administrator to enter Windows 7, copy the XP partition "ntldr", "boot.ini", "NTDETECT.COM" three files (all in the XP system root directory) into the Windows 7 partition. Then run the command prompt, type the above four commands.
Summary:to install windows XP over Windows 7, the difficulty of installation is relatively high. In addition, the text can not list all possible situations, but for some inexplicable occasional errors (such as Windows 7 does not start, etc.), generally can use the Windows 7 installation CD to repair it.

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