What is my IP address? Google recently adds a new skill: to tell you what the IP address you own is. It is also very simple to use.

google search

As long as type "ip" into Google's search box ,Google will immediately return your current IP address, and it support both IPv4 and IPv6 versions, the IPv6 version will show the format like CDCD:910A:2222:5498:8475:1111:3900:2020.

 Of course, if you're in the internal LAN, Google will give the external IP of the LAN , not your internal IP.So ,you can get your external IP address easily if you are in an internal LAN.

So if you did not know how to find your ip address,through Google Search you can lookup ip address.

This address is http://www.computerites.com/computer-skills/2011/12/using-google-search-query-your-ip-address-easily-270.html