In the batch-bulk coping files, auto-play music, is it so cool?And how to achieve that?Download the Instant Elevator Music, link:, it can help you to achieve the above function.

In the system tray , Click the right mouse button on Instant Elevator Music icon in the system tray, then select "Settings" in the pop-up menu, at the pop-up "Settings" panel you can see the software's main functions, there is no need to modify any options.

Click "Music" panel, then click "Add" button , you can add new music files (Instant Elevator Music supports almost music file types). In the "Volume" column, drag the slider, you can adjust the music volume. In the "Ignore List" panel, you can add the program to be excluded, when running these programs are not automatically play music, this set is very user-friendly.

After setup,to insure Instant Elevator Music been running,then you copy file it will automatically play music.It is good for us which would do much copying work.Just enjoy it.

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