I believe that many users experienced  Windows 7 installation fails, for windows 7 there is  a lot of reasons why the installation can not continue. In the author's experience, mainly due to nothing more than the hardware components are not compatible or the system's hardware configuration can not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 7, so troubleshooting should focus on this aspect into account and avoid detours. Here I list some of the most typical case to analyse why windows 7 installation fails.

Windows 7 installation problem 1:Installer refused to install or start

If the hardware components are not compatible with Windows 7, it may cause the installation to fail, or can not start the installation process. Therefore, prior to installation to ensure that Windows 7 can detect all of the system hardware and the hardware included in Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility List (HCL). Suggest that before you install Windows 7, the necessary compatibility checks, if already installed, check the compatibility has been late.

If the installation is an upgrade or dual system installation, I think you can boot to the original system, and then start the installer with the following parameters were detected. "/ 1394debug:", in FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports to enable kernel debugging on a particular channel. "/ Debug", through the COM1 or COM2 port to enable kernel debugging. "/ Usbdebug:", to a specific target device through the USB port to enable kernel debugging. These options can be setup in debug mode to help determine the cause of the malfunction. If the installation program detects the hardware conflict, you can configure the hardware to eliminate the conflict.

Windows 7 installation problem 2:Installer reports a DVD or media error

Directly from the Windows 7 installation disc to install, or install from the network by issuing shares, may also encounter a media error causes the installation to fail. For installation from a DVD, we can try to clean the DVD drive, so its better to read the disk, or replace the optical drive, CD-ROM. For business users, the client is generally shared release from the shared installation, usually sharing does not contain all of the installation file, or to a shared network connection problems, we can troubleshoot from two aspects.

Windows 7 installation problem 3:Installer reports insufficiency of system resources

Microsoft announced the installation of Windows 7 minimum hardware resource requirements, that is at least 512MB of memory and about 25GB of hard disk space. For some old machine user, if the Windows 7 installation did not meet the minimum memory requirements, the installer can not start. If the installation program can start, but to detect hard disk space, then will not install, unless we re-partition, or delete the original partition, have sufficient space to install the operating system. For this type of installation failures, Windows 7 will have a clear error, of course, very easy to troubleshoot.

Windows 7 installation problem 4:Experienced installer suddenly stop responding

Exclude all of the above factors, and some time we better hit the appropriate installation of a sudden stop. Often the case, Windows 7 is already installed on smoothly, suddenly we found installation to stop responding, stop the current interface has been no progress in the installation. In this case, sometimes we will see the stop error code, sometimes nothing, just crash the system in general.

If you have installed the stop error code, but most error codes are some obscure code, does not explicitly tell us where there is a problem. At this point, we can write down the error number or code, and then to the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information query, and then troubleshoot. The installation can not be, we usually need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to restart the computer to interrupt the error, sometimes we need to press the power button to force reboot the system. by pressing the key combination is invalid on the computer.

If your windows 7 installation fails again,you should update your hardware drivers.Even fails,replace your computer!

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