Many user install dual operating system on their computer,even after Windows 7 appeared.Most of them will install Windows 7 Windows XP dual system right now.But how to install dual system?Now let  us to see the procedures below:

To install Windows XP Windows 7 dual operating system, should insist on the order of "low version" to "high version" :

First, take the disc (or "USB flash disk") format installation, install Windows XP to the C drive (NTFS file system reserved space is not less than 10G). Then, format the D drive (NTFS file system reserved space is not less than 20G). Use the virtual drive to load Windows 7 disc image,

then you can enter the installation process and complete the system installation.After installed Windows XP and Windows 7 dual system, if reinstall Windows 7, just format the D drive in Windows XP, still load with the virtual drive to install. If you reinstall Windows XP, you will lose about Windows 7 boot entry.

But no need to worry, the following tutorial will satisfactorily solve the problem Windows XP Windows 7 dual boot system reinstalled the system files and the missing solution options menu.

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