What is the NTLDR file?

NTLDR file is a Windows NT/Windows XP boot file,when this file is missing starting the system will prompt "NTLDR is missing ... " and asked to press any key to restart,then can not correctly enter the system. So we should backup the correct system.And what is the NTLDR file ? How to fix the NTLDR file type malfunction?

NTLDR file is a hidden, read-only system file, location of the root directory in the system, used to load the operating system.

In general the system boot process is this:

1.Power on self test program starts to run.

2.The master boot record is loaded into memory, and the program started.

3.The active partition's boot sector is loaded into memory.

4.NTLDR is loaded from the boot sector and initialized.

5.Change the processor's real mode to 32-bit smooth memory model.

6.NTLDR starts the appropriate small file system drivers.
Small file system driver is built on the NTLDR internal, it can read FAT or NTFS.

7.NTLDR reads boot.ini file.

8.NTLDR loads the selected operating system.
If the Windows NT/Windows XP is selected, NTLDR runs Ntdetect.com .
For other operating systems, NTLDR loads and runs Bootsect.dos then pass control to it.
Windows NT process ends.

9.Ntdetect.com searchs the computer hardware and sents the list to NTLDR, so that writes these information into the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEHARDWARE .

10.Then NTLDR loads Ntoskrnl.exe, Hal.dll and the system information collection.

11.Ntldr searchs the system information collection, and load the device driver configuration to let the device start working at boot time.

12.Ntldr gives control to Ntoskrnl.exe, then booting program ends, loading stage begins.

How to solve this problem ,please refer to How to solve NTLDR is missing ?

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