How to Create a Secret Folder the Others Can not Open

1.Click the "Run", type CMD, enter, then enter the CMD mode (command prompt).

2.In the command prompt type the command "md d:\secret..\"(there are two periods).Then you can see then secret. folder in the d:\ root directory.

3.You can try to double-click the folder,how,it will prompt an error.Now nobody can open this folder,Then you can copy some files which you want to hide,such as commercial confidentiality and any private pictures and so on.And it can not be deleted.It is very safe.

4.If you want to open it ,you can click "Run",then type d:\secret..\ and enter .That you can enter the folder.If you want to delete the folder you can also enter then command prompt (CMD mode) after you have deleted all the files in the folder.Type the "rd d:\secret..\",enter.That is all.

Of course the folder you must name for the other names,you can not name it secret which the others can guess it.And this computer skill is only used in Windows XP.

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