the Eight Major Advantage of Host Using the Independent IP

1.To reduce the probability of the IP blocked.If a virtual host in the independent IP virtual host server was penalized to block IP by the violation content, the same server independent IP virtual host as IP address is independent will not be affected;

2.From attack implicated. Independent IP virtual host being attacked by hackers, IDC can be promptly informed of the server which virtual host to be attacked, then make the appropriate countermeasures, and attacked virtual host is independent of the IP, so it will not affect the same server other virtual hosts.

3.Enhance the user site indexed by search engines levels and opportunities. If an IP corresponds to a site, then search engine will be to assess the high quality of the site to improve the collection level, while the sharing IP conditions will reduce the level of collection. Independent IP can increase the PageRank of the site, search engines are easier to crawl to the pages of the site.

4.Can directly use the IP to access. Users can directly through an independent IP access the site, to avoid the shared IP to access by IP will get an error,can increase the corporate image;

5.Can achieve pan-domain binding . Independent IP can be achieved the previous Windows virtual machine can not be the pan-domain binding function. And the user can resolute domain to the independent IP,access the site without binding.

6.Independent IP is the necessary condition for opening of domain name SSL access, if you want to open SSL, you must have an independent IP.

7.Individual host (such as DreamHost) opened anonymous FTP requires an independent IP support.

8.Part of the host (such as HostMonster and Bluehost) using an independent IP can avoid program the maximum execution time of 5 minutes limit.

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