computer skill:Remember the five points, Increase your hard disk life.

1. Do not suddenly turn off the power when your hard disk working.

When the hard disk working, generally in high-speed rotation, if we suddenly turn off the power, may lead to a violent head and the disc friction and damage to the hard disk, so to avoid the sudden shutdown. Shutdown must pay attention to the hard disk light is still flashing on the panel, only in its light stops blinking, turn off the computer's power switch before the end of the hard disk read and write.

2.To prevent dust from entering.

Dust damage to the hard disk is very large, it is because of the serious environmental dust, hard drives can easily attract dust particles in the air, so that long-term accumulation in the hard disk on the internal circuit components, the heat will affect the electronic components distributed, making the circuit components of the temperature rise, resulting in leakage or burned components. Addition, dust may also absorb moisture, corrosion, electronic circuit inside the drive, cause some strange problems, so the dust size is small, but the hazards of the hard disk can not be underestimated. It is necessary to maintain environmental health, and reduce the humidity in the air and dust content. Remember: the general computer user can disassemble the hard drive cover, or dust in the air to enter the hard disk read head, write the action to scratch the disc or head.

3.To prevent high or low temperatures.

The temperature is going to affect the life of the hard disk. The hard work will produce some heat, use a heat problem. Temperature to 68 ~ 77 °F is appropriate, too high or too low will cause the crystal oscillator clock frequency is changed. Temperature will result in the drive circuit component failure, and magnetic media will record the effect of thermal expansion error. When the temperature is too low, moisture in the air will be condensed on the integrated circuit components, causing a short circuit; humidity is too high, the surface of electronic components may be adsorbed water film, oxidation, corrosion of electronic circuits, resulting in poor contact, or even short-circuit , so that the magnetic force of the magnetic media will change, resulting in data read and write errors; humidity is too low, easy to accumulate large amount of electrostatic charge generated by the machine rotation, in order to burn the CMOS circuit to absorb dust and damage to the head, scratch magnetic film. In addition, try not to drive near strong magnetic field, such as speakers, speakers, motors, radio, cell phone, the data recorded by the hard drive in order to avoid damage due to magnetization.

4.Regular cleaning of the hard disk information.

5.Can not move the working hard disk.

When the hard disk in a read-write state, in the event of a large shock may cause the impact of the head and the disc, resulting in damage. So do not move the running computer .

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