Be careful, Do not let the shock ruin your hard drive

We all know that hard drives are mechanical products, vibration can be said is a large sworn enemy of the hard drive, hard drive internal structure is very sophisticated, head height of only a few microns away from the thousands per minute rpm disc surface, once the strong vibration will appear to read and write exception even cause the disc or head of physical damage, the consequences are quite serious.

The hard disk read and write are forbidden to move: the hard drive in case that does notwork in fact, be able to afford the collision, otherwise the drive could not be transported all over the world. But hard work, can withstand the vibration is very small, small vibration may lead to disaster. Especially for DIY users like to toss the PC, often convenience to do with the computer to operate, so that hard work when I move, this operation is quite dangerous, ranging from loss of data, while the hard disk directly discarded. So be sure to remember, hard work, can not move operation.

Chassis and hard drive can not be a resonance phenomenon: the hard work is in a stable rotation, for example, the current mainstream PC hard drive is 7200 RPM. Hard disk is possible in a regular rotation in the PC chassis with a resonance point, so that the hard disk will be in the state of the shaking, although the amplitude is very small, but over many years in this state, the damage to the hard disk is very the large, quantitative evolve to qualitative change, and finally lead to hard problems. We can increase the rubber pad,and other methods to avoid the hard drive and chassis resonance, while also reducing the noise of the hard drive and chassis resonance.

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