Dust caused by the motherboard does not recognize hard drive

A friend's computer is often unable to start, and occasionally into the system is also frequent crashes, preliminary judgment computer there is a problem caused by a virus or hard drive itself. Prepare in accordance with the first soft, hard, simplest to most complex maintenance principles to come up with the latest Kaspersky antivirus software on the hard drive killing, but using the boot disk into DOS mode, but the prompt can not find the drives, it appears that the virus is unable to carried out.

Restart the computer and into the motherboard BIOS, hard disk parameters inappropriate, but the automatic detection does not recognize the hard drive. Only seems to check the hardware, open the case, unplug the hard drive power cord and data cable is reinserted, the boot does not recognize the hard drive. Is it hard out of the problem? The hard disk will be removed on receipt of the author's love machine to work properly, that is hard no problem. Is the data cable is bad? The author's data line drive to re-received the fault plane, fault still. Will power, put the author of the Great Wall power supply, or can not wake up the hard disk. Careful observation of the motherboard, hard drive connected to IDE1 interface, CD-ROM drive connected to IDE2 interface, CD-ROM can use Why the hard disk is a problem. Try the drive to remove the hard drive will be receiving the IDE2 interface on the hard disk even normal use. Scary, and why IDE2 in good condition the IDE1 failure, but by the same master chip control.

In desperation, had to remove the motherboard to be observed, then found the back there are many places covered with dust, of which there is a right in the IDE1 interface of the solder joints at the accumulation of dust almost to solder covers. Dust cleaned up, fixed the motherboard, installed various accessories, restart your computer, well into the system, everything is back to normal.

The dust is a stealth killer of computer dust accumulation obstructs the heat, easy to damage the components, in wet weather will cause a short circuit phenomenon. The dust also has a great impact on the mechanical part of the computer. Therefore, to the love machine on a regular basis health is particularly important.

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