solution of VISTA blue screenerror : 0x0000001E: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDError Analysis: the Windows kernel checks to an illegal or unknown the process ofinstruction, this stop code is generally caused by the problem of memory or previous 0x0000000A similar.
1.Hardware compatibility: the control frontmentioned in the latest hardware compatibility list, all hardware is included in the list
2. A problem with device drivers, system services, or memory conflicts and interrupt conflicts:if the name of the driver in the blue screen information, please try in install mode orrecovery console to disable or remove a driver, and disable any newly installed drivers and software. If the error occurs during system startup, go to safe mode, rename the fileindicated by the blue screen information or deleted.
3.If the error message clearly pointed out Win32K.sys to: most likely caused by third-party remote control software from the Recovery console will be the software service is shut down.
4. After installing Windows first reboot: the system partition when the maximum suspects may have insufficient disk space or BIOS compatibility problem.
5.If it is shut down a piece of software: software is likely a design flaw, upgrade or uninstall it .

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