If insufficient memory let computer failure, but also do not want to restart the computer, there are 5 kinds of approach:

1.Clear the contents of the clipboard. The clipboard existing section of the text of a picture or a considerable length, occupy a large memory, the solution is: Click "Start" -"Programs" - "Accessories" - "" clipboard viewer program , open the "clipboard Viewer"window, then click the "Edit" menu, "delete command, and finally click" Yes "button.

2.Close common window. If multiple windows are open, in fact, is to run multiple programs, the memory consumed, followed by close to achieve the purpose of savings.

3.Retention of hard disk space as additional memory. Right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, then left-click "Properties" to open the System Properties dialog box. In this dialog box, click the "performance", and then click the "Virtual Memory" button, check"Let windows manage virtual memory, and finally click" OK "button.

4.Delete the "Start" group do not need windows automatically load the program. First to view the windows start to load when those procedures: click "Start" / "Programs" / "start",listed in the menu that is automatically loaded when windows startup program. Delete the unnecessary programs and restart the computer out of memory problems may be solved.The delete method is:

(1) start "Resource Management", find "c:\windows\startmenu\programs\startup" folder. 
(2) without windows automatically load the program shortcut,click "File" menu, "Delete" command, the system pop-up Confirm Delete dialog box. 
(3)In the Confirm Delete dialog box, click "Yes" button.

5.Killing the virus. You can use antivirus software killing the computer virus. Perhaps the memory is the lack of virus in trouble.

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