How to encrypted file in the Windows XP system

Tell us about how to encrypt files in Windows XP system:

Does in Windows XP directly on the file (folder) encryption, but it requires a premise:you want to encrypt the file (folder) where the hard disk partition is NTFS format. If your hard disk partition is not NTFS format, operate conversion, then the following method to encrypt.

Select the encrypted file (folder), right-click the mouse button, then the pop-up shortcut menu, choose "Properties" option in "General" tab, press the "Advanced" button to open the Advanced Properties dialog box, can select one of the "encrypt contents to secure data" option, and OK to exit.

Need to be reminded: If you use the above method on the encrypted file (folder), after re-install the system before, it is best to decrypt it (decryption and encryption methods), or reinstall the system, may result in the file (folder) does not open.

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