Windows 7 installation failure causes and solutions:

1. the hard disk is insufficient reserve space

Although Win7 known affinity of great demand for hardware platforms, but as the latest operating system for hardware performance still has certain requirements, disk space. According to the the Win7 install Microsoft's official announcement of the minimum hardware resources, not less than 25GB of system disk space. If you have enough disk space when installed, Win7 will clear an error type, and automatically exit the installation.

Install Win7 C drive best guarantee 50G.

Win7 install error user for system disk space is not enough, you can consider using software such as PQ10.0, ADDS extend C drive space more appropriate Xiaobian recommended more than 50G of space reserved for the system disk to install Win7. Of course, if you still use less than 80G hard drive, then buy a piece of the new high-capacity hard disk is the best solution.

2. Win7 installation files or storage media error

Today Win7 installation variety, in addition to the traditional CD-ROM installation, they can also choose U disk / removable hard disk installation and network installation. Installation, if the installation files are incomplete or store Win7 installation file storage media error, is likely to lead to Win7 installation fails.

U disk installed Win7 very convenient and very easy to make mistakes.

If you use the CD-ROM installation, you need to check the disc to see if there are obvious scratches, check whether there is a diminished capacity to read the disk drive. U disk / removable hard disk you need to detect whether the storage medium working copy large files to be wrong. Is for the installed enterprise users use the network share, you need to check the shared network connection if there are problems, and shut down the system firewall.

3.the CPU and memory failure the Win7 installation may lead to a sudden stop response.

The Win7 installation originally in the smooth conduct, may suddenly stop responding, no progress has been made in the current interface. Part time Win7 subsided after a few minutes may pop STOP prompt and abort the installation; some time has been stopped, without any prompting. Many such cases the user will encounter Generally the installation process, you may encounter some small bugs or to burst errors lead only need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to restart the computer. Many cases can continue after the restart to complete the installation.

Stop responding, or stop responding when recurring unable to re-start the installation, then the exclusion of the installation files, storage media, and other factors, the focus should be locked in the memory and the CPU, memory failure is more common, such as memory mixed into lead Compatibility bad memory failure resulting system abnormalities, to replace the good compatibility of memory can be solved. If it is the CPU if the heat is not good, the temperature is too high will cause the installation to stop, then you need to improve the conditions of heat dissipation for the CPU module.

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