Share Some Hackers' Google Search Skills

Everyone knows that no doubt Google is  the most powerful search engine in the world today. But it is also a secret weapon in the hands of hackers.It can search some information unexpected by you. Computerites blog make a simple conclusion does not hope to use it  to attack someone else's website. I hope everyone to use these computer skills to find useful information for you in the vast network information.

If you are a webmaster, you quickly look at if your site is well done at precautionary measures below hacker detection . If not quickly come to a remedy the situation.If you are a hacker, I believe you seen a similar method as early as in the other hacker sites.You can save valuable time to do more meaningful things.You could not read this article, go somewhere else.But if you are an ordinary Internet user, you can use hacker techniques to expand your horizons and improve your retrieval efficiency.

Now let us study the skills:

1.Search for homepage directory

Homepage is very useful, and it will provide to you a lot of useful information.

We submit the following form:

"Index of /admin"

"Index of /cgi-bin" site:. gov

"Index of /secret"

search for homepage directory

You can define the character of the search of the homepage yourself. So you will get a lot of information.

2.Search URL

For example, we submit this form" passwd.txt ".

search password in url

What do you see ? There are many types based on CGI/PHP/ASP message board there is such this problem. Sometimes we get the password, even no encryption. Administrator perhaps  is not responsible,maybe security awareness is bad. If you are a network administrator, quickly check it,do not let a malicious attacker picked up a cheap. Do not believe the DES encryption, hackers can still to get the password through many crack softwares.

This time we can get the file containing the password. The meaning of "site:" is the URL only search is just a network server provider.

Similarly, we can search for many top-level domains, such as .com .org .net .gov .edu .mil

config.txt site:. br

admin.txt site:. cc

3.Search for specific file types

If you want to specify a file type, you can submit the following form:

filetype:. txt site:. edu classified

Search for specific file types

This is the search for the education material, you can customize the search.


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