1.Close or Clear traces of browsing files

Even though the snoopers can not directly browse the contents of the document,but they also can view your recently used files to know your work through the File menu in Word or Excel.Even the temporary list listed  the files deleted by you.So it is best to turn off the feature.

For example , in Office 2012 Word or Excel, select the "File" menu, then select "Help" - "Options" item, and then enter the "Advanced" tab to modify"display this number of Recent Documents "selection box figures to 0 in the "show".Now it will not show the most recently used files. 

office 2012 show this number of recent documents

2.Clear temporary files

For users often use Office, such as Word or some other applications usually will temporary save the results of your works , in order to prevent accidents cause losses. Even if you did  not save the file being processed, many programs will save the text you delete, move and copy. So,there are a lot of temporary files, you should regularly delete these  temporary files stored by applications in the Windows TEMP folder , to delete these fragmented text. You should also delete all the files in its subdirectories. Although many file extension TMP, but they are in fact complete DOC files, HTML files, and even image files.If such manual clean-up is too much trouble, also you can make use of  any optimization software to achieve the cleanup of temporary files.

Clear temporary files


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