How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Using KMS Activator

There are 2 methods of how to activate Microsoft Office 2010. First way is using KMS Activator for Microsoft Office 2010.We use a working genuine crack. The second way is to activate Microsoft Office 2010 copy manually by the cd-key.We introduce the way on how to activate Microsoft Office 2010 by using  KMS Activator for Office 2010.

KMS Activator Office 2010 is an activator for activate microsoft office 2010. KMS Activator can crack or activate microsoft office 2010 all version (x86 & x64) such as office 2010 professional (x86 & x64), office 2010 technical preview (x86 & x64), etc. It is works 100% and make your microsoft office 2010 genuine. KMS Activator works on 32-bit and 64-bit edition of Office 2010.

How to use KMS activator to activate office 2010:

1. First download the KMS activator software for Microsoft office 2010 here:Activator KMS

2. Then disable all kind of security software and anti computer virus software.Ensure you have installed any version of Microsoft office 2010.

3. Run the KMS Activator Software.Click the install/uninstall KM Service Tab.Click on Activavtion Office 2010 VL.

4. Then you must follow the instructions inside the window to complete the activator step.

5. At last click activation check office 2010 to check the status of Microsoft office 2010.

Sometimes KMS activation takes several was not meant to be run every day, wait at least 2-3 month and run it, nothing bad will happen to your office in this time.If it works sometimes without messing with key it is good. Use My Toolkit "Attempt Activation" and see how many times it takes to KMS activate, if it never works something is up, but if reinstall of key works you could add the un/install to the task you are running.

Commands to install and uninstall product key

cscript "%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14\OSPP.VBS" /inpkey:
cscript "%PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14\OSPP.VBS" /unpkey:

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