Let your Windows XP display week in the lower-right corner of desktop
      What day is it today? I am afraid this is  a question all of us usually have to ask.But in the Windows XP system, in order to know what today is the day of the week you must double-click to open the clock program .Just simple mouse hover over the clock above can not see the day. In fact, Windows XP supports display the week, and only needed a simple setting will be able to achieve this feature.

1.First, click the "Start" menu -> "Control Panel", find and double-click the icon of the "Regional and Language Options".

2.Then, in the pop-up settings window, click on the "Regional Options" tab -> "Custom" button.

3.Click on the " Date " tab in the Customize Regional Options window, in the bottom of the long date format followed by the letter" dddd ".
4.Finally, click on the "OK" button to return to the control panel. Then mouse hover on the clock, you will be pleasantly surprised to find the system clock can prompt the day of the week.

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