The Best Five Tips to Tweak Windows 8

Disable Uninstall Option For Windows 8 Modern UI Apps

The biggest change in Windows 8 is the Modern UI (formerly known as Metro UI). Now, in addition to the Desktop workspace, you have the Start Screen. The apps that you install from Windows 8 Store can only be accessed from the Start Screen. The Uninstall or Change a Program dialog box lets you uninstall only those applications that are installed from external sources. You can uninstall any Windows Store app from Start Screen by right-clicking it and then selecting Uninstall option from the bottom. Although, it saves the hassle of opening Uninstall or Change a Program dialog box, it provides access to all users to easily uninstall the Windows Store apps from your computer. If you’re looking for a way to keep standard users from uninstalling Modern UI apps, check out our article to find out how to disable the uninstall option from the Start Screen.

windows 8 start screen

Turn Off Windows Store

Windows 8 comes with its own app marketplace called the Windows Store. The number of apps available for download are increasing with each passing day, and the Windows Store still needs to go a long way. Just like other app marketplaces, there are both free and paid apps available for download. If you are lending your Windows 8 device to your friend or colleague, then you probably don’t want them to download paid apps, using your credit card information. Disabling the Store is a good way to prevent anyone else from installing any unwanted app to your system, however, there is no default option to disable the Windows Store. You can check out this tip to disable the Windows Store by changing its policy setting in Local Group Policy Editor.

Windows 8-Store-Disabled

Disable Lock Screen App Notifications For All Users

Unlike its predecessors, Windows 8 is optimized to run on both PCs and tablets. Just like the iOS and Android operating systems, Windows 8 also provides you with app notifications right on the Lock Screen. For instance, if you have unread messages, it will send the notification on the lock screen, enabling you to quickly read the message. In the PC Settings menu, there are options to turn the Lock Screen notifications On and Off, but it is applicable only on the current user and other PC users can view their notifications. If you want to disable the Lock Screen notifications for all PC users, the Local Group Policy Editor lets you do it. Follow our guide to disable Lock Screen app notifications for all users in Windows 8.


Disable Sync Settings For All Users

You may know that Windows 8 can be used with both a local account and a Microsoft account, but the advantage of using the latter is that all of your settings, including background, theme, internet history, shortcuts etc, can be easily synced with other devices running Windows 8. For instance, if you have Windows 8 installed on both PC and tablet, you don’t have to manually tweak the settings on both devices, instead, you can just turn the Sync feature on to automatically sync settings, internet history, Start Screen background, color scheme etc., with other Windows 8 devices. However, if you don’t want your devices to sync the settings, you can disable sync from the PC Settings for your user account. You can also enforce system-wide level settings to disable the Sync feature for all users, you may follow the steps from our guide to disable Sync feature for all user accounts.

windows 8 Disable-Sync-Settings

Turn Off SmartScreen Filter For Windows 8

In Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced a brand new security feature called SmartScreen. It warns users about the potential threats and temporarily prevents installation of those third party apps that are considered as unsafe. It is a good feature for enhancing your computer security, since there is a possibility of your computer getting infected with a virus after installing a third party app from an external, untrusted sources. However, it can get quite annoying for some users, who do not like a prompt appearing on their screen every time they install a third party tool. If you’re power user who install a lot of third-party tools, you can choose to disable the SmartScreen filter by following the steps from our guide.

windows 8 turn off SmartScreen

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