In Windows XP, often due to various reasons  caused can not share the printer.First, let us look at the problems as well as solutions to the most prone to the shared printer in Windows XP.

1.Network Neighborhood unable to view.

Shared printer in Windows XP, the first thing to do is not directly on the workstation to install a network printer .Instead, take a look at the "View workgroup computers" in "Network Neighborhood" whether normal browsing and there is a computer installed printer.Instead, take a look at the "View workgroup computers" in "Network Neighborhood" normal browsing, and whether there is a computer installed printer. If you can find the print server, the basic conditions are ripe for a shared printer, if an error occurs, you should solve this problem first.
Solution: confirm the LAN workgroup name, enter the Local Area Connection Properties window, click the "Install" button to add "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" .Without restarting can be solved not be able to view the work group of computers, or click "View workgroup computers" item to display "do not have permission to browse a certain group ......".

2.Can not browse the print server.

After browsing "Network Neighborhood" normal, first double-click the print server icon, enter to see whether the shared printer existed.If you do not see the shared printer or can not browse the print server, the permissions of the current computer is not enough.

Solution: This problem needs two ways to solve.First, open the print server Guest account, and turn into the Group Policy "Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Security Settings → Local Policies → User Rights Assignment",delete "refused access from the network computer in Guest account.The second is to ensure that the Microsoft network file and printer sharing "item is checked in the" local connection "attribute of the print server.

3.Can not search for a shared printer.

This problem is vast majority of LAN users most likely to meet to install a shared printer in a Windows XP computer.The usual form of performance is that  "Microsoft Windows Network"  only appears in the list of shared printers, but shared printers can not be searched.

Solution: There are three solutions. First,for "local connection" install "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" , then usually you can search for a shared printer. Second, double-click "Network Neighborhood" directly into the print server, right-click the shared printer icon ,select "connected" in the pop-up prompt box, click yes can be quickly installed shared printer.Third, check whether the print server's" local connection "enabled" Internet connection Firewall "feature, if turned on, please cancel the function.If you want to use the" Internet connection Firewall "function, and also want to share files and printers, will have to install the NetBEUI protocol.

4.Make computer no driver to install the shared printer.

The usual case, the network manager needs to sent  the shared printer driver files to the computer, in order to install the shared printer driver. However, if there are dozens of  computers should be carried out this operation,the network manager  will make a headache.

Solution:"Mapped network drive" . This method is simple and applicable to all printer sharing. For example, to install the Epson LQ-1600K III printer, first share the printer driver files  in the print server. Enter the print server in "Network Neighborhood", then find and select the shared printer driver files, click on the "map a network drive" menu item, choose one drive in the drive list, click on the "OK" button. Then if you need the driver files to install shared printer, manually specify the mapped drive, and follow the prompts to quickly complete the driver installation.

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