Memory error of access violation at address on reading location is a common error in windows system.If you’re getting the Access Violation at Address Error it means that a program you’re trying to run is trying to access memory that is already used by a program that is already running. For example if you already have program A running and program A is accessing memory piece A if program B that you’ve just started is trying to access memory piece A you will get the Access Violation at Address Error.

Possibly, an access violation error message can be caused by one of the following solutions.

1.The error happens when one process did not lock the memory location before accessing correctly. Locking it helps to inform all other processes that they cannot use this location until it is unlocked for general use.

2.The access violation error can also happen when the computer gets infected or does not follow the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) rules.

If you’re getting the Access Violation at Address Error here is an easy way to fix this error.

1.Right-click "My Computer". Click "Properties".

2.Click "Advanced" in the "System Properties".

3.Click "Settings" in the "performance".

4.In the "Performance Options", click the "Data Execution Prevention".

5.Click "Add". Select the program you want to run Or wrong program.

Then you will find the Access Violation at Address Error no longer appears.

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