Commemorate the tenth anniversary of Windows XP!The History of Changes in Windows Start Menu

From the first date truly meaningful graphical interface, Windows has been with us for more than ten years . As nature's evolutionary history, as it is for us to show the computer as a platform for personal information changes. In this huge software, and accompany us most is probably that the "Start" buttons. As a my colleague said , as a computer user, this button is probably the most should be forgotten. At the same time, as IT people, but it's changes is the most should not be forgotten, because it is the history of the operating system serviced human.

1.Windows 95

 Year: 1995 win95

Windows95 is the first truly graphical operating systems (Windows 3.x only before an application under DOS), apparently it's the "Start" menu is more practical significance. Now look, Win95's Start menu is simply no bright spots, even dark gray, the color of people are very depressed, but if we return to 16 years ago, but also to think about when using the computer's DOS interface type in black a string of English, and computer and all of the feedback results is presented characters, then this can be more deeply realize that the year brought a full graphical interface gives people of shocked.

2. Windows 98

Year: 1998


And landmark Win95 than three years after Windows 98 added more features, one of the most eye-catching than the latest integrated IE 5. As for the Start menu, in fact, change is not great, still mired in the Win95 infrastructure. If I have to pick any difference, it is new and the new blue Logo added a menu scrolling effects, while adding features can also be written off as one of its attraction. Is from this version, users are beginning to have more autonomy on the Start menu, menu items, but also began to support DIY. In addition, Win98 version also appeared in several derivatives, such as Win98 SE (Second Edition), Win98 Plus (enhanced package version), etc., but they are essentially the same and the start menu is not much change.

3 Windows Me

Year: 2000


Into the new millennium, the company also gives us a gift - Windows Me. But this version seems a bit ill-fated, has just been published scolded by consumers, eventually become the history of the use of Windows of a minimum number of operating systems. Having said that, the latest in a year as a Microsoft platform, Windows Me, or adding a lot of new designs, such as is now well known by most people's System Restore, non-real-mode DOS, etc., are in fact WindowsMe first. In addition, WinMe Start menu also put a new fade effects, the visual sense of class.

4.Windows 2000

Year: 2000


Windows 2000 is not strictly speaking a suitable operating system for home users, because almost all of its versions are designed for commercial environments. However, because of the extreme instability Win9X kernel, which makes losing a lot of computer enthusiasts this is not suitable for their own platform. Although the core for a change, but the start menu Win2000 but still maintained a traditional design, even the color and WinMe are also exactly the same. In addition there is also a hidden details can not easily be found, that is, Windows2000 menu fluency improved significantly.

5. Windows XP

Year: 2001


WinXP is the first based on the NT kernel, designed specifically for the home user operating system, but also the first time after following the Win95 Start menu go to war. In this version, the main menu is divided into two columns around which the right is still the traditional menu bar, while the left was used as a common functional areas, where users can quickly find the function had just used, greatly improving the Find the efficiency of the program. In this version, Microsoft for the first time for the start menu has a button skin, you can change with the operating system, different menu theme. And since some users have developed their own skin theme (better known as "style"). At this point the Windows system entered a rapid development stage, and it has become Microsoft's history, the largest number of installed operating systems.

6 Windows Vista

Year: 2007


Windows Vista is the second called Win95, Microsoft introduced the most heavyweight systems. The new system adds many features, as we start menu is also changed markedly. One of the most eye-catching than the menu bar at the bottom of the quick search, whether we need a software or a document, or even just e-mail some of the text, as long as at this computer, you can search through the search bar that is a was compared to commonly used functions WinXP area more efficient. Of course, the new system has also brought some of the exterior improvements, such as semi-hanging user, frosted glass panel menu, single-button lock off and so on. But one of the most easily overlooked of progress is, Vista's tree from the root to prevent the layout of the previous version of Windows "missing mouse" defects, whether you are using a relatively sensitive operations or unresponsive touch pad mouse, clicking "All programs" is not accidental because the mouse a "deviation" and return to menu selection, the progress from this point of view Vista is obvious to see.

7. Windows 7

Year: 2009


However, because Vista is too much Bug, two years after Microsoft had launched its improved system - Windows7, followed by global users rave. Since Win7 is basically Vista follow native basis, so the start menu and no significant changes, mainly on the color adjustment, and shut down the changes in these tiny buttons.

8.Windows 8

Year: 2012


After 16 years in waiting, Microsoft finally started to significantly modify the Start menu. Not even a new menu called menu, because it itself has already become a carrier of an application, in this panel, we can easily launch applications, search for keywords when you can just directly (no need to find the search bar) In fact, this is a Microsoft shows us a new operating concept, that all applications anytime and anywhere within reach. In addition Win8 also provides us with a more like a "menu" menu, simply hover your mouse over the lower left corner of the screen you can, of course, with that "big menu" pave the way, here's the content much easier, is some basic system settings option. Written in the last As we said earlier, in fact, the whole history of Windows as a revolution, it will be chaos from the initial stages of our (DOS) brought the colorful era of graphics, but as the most contact with the user's Start menu is obviously one of the important in the weight, it's every advance all of which show a change of software design. Of course Win7 Ye Hao, Win8 worth mentioning, as we look back 16 years ago, that gave hundreds of millions of users the Win95 amazing fact merely mediocre menu, then where will the future development of the operating system, perhaps only then we know !

After commemoration of the tenth anniversary of XP, Win7 and Win8 future will be the era!

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